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  • Tuesday ,16 July 2013

Again, a military coup!

Ezzat Boulos

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Tuesday ,16 July 2013

Again, a military coup!

I lost my mind few hours after I had arrived to Zurich, Switzerland, as I heard in their media that what happened on June 30 was but a “soft military coup”.

Many politicians here in Switzerland claim that the leaders of the army had planned to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood by the mobilization of citizens to protest after they had blocked supplies of gas and diesel fuel, as well as cut off electricity for long hours each day in order to increase people's anger against the Brotherhood and president Mohamed Morsy.
Unfortunately, the Swiss, despite being very well educated, follow such fake information brought by their media that they believe in its credibility.
Finally, I decided to calm down and share my experience with you about the revolution of June 30:
First, before June 30, the Muslim Brotherhood group was in control of everything here including the Ministry of Electricity, however, they decided to send the Egyptian supplies to their friends in Gaza though Egypt was in bad need for it.
Second, military coups are never announced months in advance. However, the revolution of June 30 was announced more than two months in advance against the Muslim Brotherhood and their government and president.
All in all, I tell the West that if they like such experience and being controlled by those fanatics, they are welcomed to apply it in their countries, however, in Egypt, we prefer to chose our government away from those who claim they are the spokesmen of God. Let's restore Egypt as a source of civilization instead of living in the Middle Ages that you're welcome to try again if you wish.