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  • Thursday ,07 January 2010

The massacre of Nagi' Hammadi

Dr. Naguib Gibraeel

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Friday ,08 January 2010

The massacre of Nagi' Hammadi
Two most important meetings between the," Egyptian Union", Organization for  Human Rights, with the Un delegate and the European union delegate for human Rights during the next few days.
Gibraeel presents a memorandum with the violation on the Copts in Egypt.    
Gibraeel in his memorandum asks the trial of both the governor of Qena Governorate and the chief of security front of the international criminal court. Gibraeel calls the international council for Human Rights to send a fact finding mission to Egypt to commemorate the violations on the Copts in the fields of human rights specially the massacre in Nagi' Hammadi.  
Gibrael says:- what is the response of Egypt in the 2nd Februar,2009, front of the international council for human Rights in Geneva as what happened to the Copts," is the criminal or criminals will be considered as insane or a sole criminal attack".   
Gibraeel refuses the phrases of compliment from the Sheikh of el-Azhar and Pope Shenuda the third and asks them both to declare a request to the state to protect their citizens and to guarantee the rights of the Copts as included in the Egyptian 
Constitution, Gibraeel asks," what is included in the Egyptian constitution is a mere codes and articles without the authority for application?".  
The," Egyptian Union", Organization for Human Rights memorizes the violations on the Copts through five continuous years and describes these violations as international crimes against the human rights. 
Gibraeel," we resort to the international communities as all the doors in Egypt were blocked as the delay in solving the Copts' cases is an unaccepted delay on the international basis according to the international decree for political and civil rights. 
Gibraeel is to show in the international press conference to be hold on Sunday at 1.00pm O'clock in the office of the organization 115 main Shoubra street, Rod el- Farag metro stop, all the violations happened to the Copts lasted during the long five years.   
Dr. Naguib will show the laziness of the state to protect the citizens of Egypt. Dr. Ihab Aziz, the president of the Egyptian American friendship Organization will attend this conference after his sudden arrival form America specialty to take part in this conference along with 15 other Coptic organizations in Egypt and in the Diaspora, with the elite Muslim thinkers and intellectuals.  
It is time for the state to act with a real role to protect the Copts and to treat them as equals to the Muslims. The," Egyptian union", Organization for Human Rights refuses to resort to the international community but to resort to the international legality but not to empower the Copts of the Diaspora, for those who accuses the organization with this accusation as someone adds petrol on fire.
Dr. Naguib Gibraeel,
President of the," Egyptian Union", Organization for human Rights.