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  • Friday ,28 December 2012

Great versus miscreant Copts

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,28 December 2012

Great versus miscreant Copts

Throughout the Egyptian history, there were great Coptic Christians in Egypt who participated in its civilization, culture as well as various sciences, leaving a significant impact in all fields. This list of great Copts includes Ibn al-Muqaffa', Philip Galad, General Fouad Aziz Ghali, Eng. Baki Youssef Zaki, Pope Cyril V, Pope Shenouda III, Synnott Pasha Hanna, Fakhri Abdelnour, Makram Ebeid Pasha, Fekry Makram Ebeid, Professor Mourad Wahba, Dr. Naguib Pasha Mahfouz, Dr. Magdy Yacoub, Dr. Roshdy Said, Father Dawod Potros, Mina Daniel..etc.

On the other hand, Muslim Brotherhood has decided to betray Egypt and challenge the Egyptian ideology by imposing an Islamic constitution, rejected by all Egyptians, who demonstrated against such nonsense. Only MB, its supporters and allies have accepted such corrupted constitution.
Furthermore, MB has decided to empower the Shura Council in order to continue their betrayal to Egypt and the Egyptians. The presidency has tried to get the Coptic churches involved. However, Egyptian churches refused to nominate anybody for the Shura Council as they totally refuse the existence of such void Council. They announced that the  Presidency has chosen such people as they have a good relationship with them.
Such announcement by the churches exposes those unsuccessful appointees, of both Muslims and Christians, who are going to be used as decorations for the void Shura Council that MB may be able to claim they never prosecute Christians! Moreover, MB will claim Christian and women are totally not prosecuted, Egyptian judiciary is just fine, civil parties are not being burnt, and journalists and mass media are not threatened. 
Such appointees who have ignored everything including their history as well as those who were killed by MB in order to sit on a void chair in a void Council are Moncef Najib Suleiman, Mamdouh Ramzy Athanasius Moussa, Nadia Henry Bishara Gerges, Sameh Fawzi Abdalmlak, Suzi Adly Nashed Gerges, Freddy Safwat Najib, Kamal Suleiman Bishara Shenouda, Gamil Halim Halim Michael, Rami Raymon Michel Lakah, Mona Makram Ebeid, Nabil Azmi Wasif... and others. I tell them: have you forgotten the blood of Father Dawod Potros, priest of St. Tadrous Church in Shatb, Assiut, who was killed by those Islamists that you're cooperating with?
Maybe they think that they will gain some political glory upon attaining such membership of the Shura Council. In fact, they have only got eternal shame. They absolutely can't help the Coptic Christians by being members in that Council as they're only 12 persons against 258 Islamists and terrorists! They really can do nothing, and I have to thank the honest and patriot Coptic Christians who refused such shameful membership. Finally, best wishes and merry Christmas.