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  • Wednesday ,26 December 2012

None of your damn business!

Basant Mousa

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Wednesday ,26 December 2012

None of your damn business!

Last Sunday, I went early to the church to attend an engagement party for a Christian couple who has decided to celebrate this very special occasion with God at His church. My clothes were pretty much nice and modest fits the sanctity of the place.

After the ceremony, I left the church heading to my work. Then, some weird stuff happened that I want to share with you. First I want to make clear that a Christian woman in Egypt can be easily identified by her cloth that are different from Arab Abaya and her unveiled hair. Thus, they can be easily harassed or teased by many men with suppressed desires who share their life mostly with harsh and ugly women for all the violence and discrimination they in the Egyptian community. Those women choose to lose their femininity and attractiveness in order to avoid many forms of sexual harassment.
Some one may ask: What does this have to do with your visit to the church? I tell them that police men who are supposed to guard it belong to those suppressed men who take advantage of their job to enjoy watching Christian girls in a way that makes me feel sometimes that I'm totally naked! They even sometimes start verbally teasing us in inappropriate way. 
Church guards of policemen mostly don't know much about churches. They may think it's but a hall for religious occasions. Of course, such idea may affect the way they consider any attack for our churches.
I took a cab, and the driver had also a strange idea about those attending the churches. He asked: “Is it appropriate to hold marriage ceremonies at the same place where you pray? You should do it somewhere else as Christian girls are usually so sexy upon attending such ceremonies. It's totally inappropriate!” I  didn't answer him, and whispered to my self: “That's none of your damn business!”.
I think we should dress the best upon attending churches as we meet with God. He deserves the best clothes as well as heart purity. Moreover, It's very appropriate to hold our religious ceremonies and festivals inside the church where we don't need the protection of any human being because we enjoy the one of our God. Our community should understand that there other people who live in the community who are called Christians. We have a real problem with coexistence that may turn into bombs  ready to explode at any time.