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  • Friday ,21 December 2012

God’s reprisals against MB

Mohamed Hussein Younis

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Friday ,21 December 2012

God’s reprisals against MB

As the Egyptians have suffered from the Ottoman rulers and their repression and injustice, they used to gather to pray for God’s reprisals against the Ottoman rulers! And they did the same with the French and English settlers. 

Accordingly, I did the same when I saw what MB did to the peaceful demonstrators and asked for God’s reprisals against MB. I know this looks like a barren attitude of impotent people, but this is what I could do after MB ironically had become the new rulers for Egypt. This happens as we’ve been waiting for freedom and democracy that we lacked during decades of military rule.
There are three segments of Muslim Brotherhood: First, the rich, who gained a lot of money through working with oil kings and princes of the Gulf, stealing depositors in their fake companies, fraud, deceit, or by any other illegal means. These billionaires belong to one or two rich families that work together like Mafia. The second segment represents the most of MB members who are really poor and striving to finish school. MB attracts, cares for, employs, trains, and offers them scholarships. Hence, they cherish and offer their loyalty to MB. This segment also includes a lot of sportsmen, from which their militias are chosen. This segment also includes those who are characterized by hypocrisy and prevarication, whose job is to advocate MB’s ideas among the masses.
MB militias can only assassinate and attack. Those are the ones who have been beating and torturing protestors in front of the presidential palace. They are the famous third party who broke into police stations as well as the prison during the revolution. Those are but monsters with very limited intelligence.
The third segment is limited in number and abilities. They were attracted by MB’s religious speech. Later, they discovered MB leaders really don’t care much about Islam and don’t even fear God, but rather their pleasures and own goals. This segment criticized those leaders proving they trade on religion.
Muslim Brotherhood has attacked the great Egyptian people at the presidential palace and made a tendentious constitution to keep them in power that they may keep their share in the loans they about to receive. They are very similar to the invaders that should be resisted just like invaders; not by demonstrations, sit-ins, civil disobedience, or even dialogue, as they don’t understand such words. They only understand violence, and they use it currently towards journalists, activists, judges and even military. They sexually harass the girls in the demonstrations and accuse the protesters of being dissolute and drug users. They keep lying all the time.
MB should understand that they are not welcomed. Let’s stop dealing with them, and use violence if they do. We should do something against those invaders till they change they mind and be real Egyptians.