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  • Thursday ,20 December 2012

Switzerland decides not to trust in Morsy and his group!

Dr. Awad Shafik

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Thursday ,20 December 2012

Switzerland decides not to trust in Morsy and his group!

Federal Criminal Court in Switzerland has decided today not to grant Egypt the right to inspect Mubarak's funds, which are estimated at 700 million Swiss francs despite the former approval of the Swiss Public Prosecution.

This comes due to the instability and unrest in Egypt, in addition to Morsy's decisions that abuse the Egyptian judiciary. The Swiss Court has considered the guarantees provided by Egypt may not be enough to prevent the misuse of the information, especially as one of the signatories on these guarantees had been dismissed (a reference to the Attorney General)!
The court added that the Egyptian authorities have to wait for the Swiss judicial assistance procedures in order to be allowed to inspect the documents for the funds of Mubarak, his sons, and his interior minister in Switzerland. Additionally, The draft of the new Constitution hasn't mentioned the anti-corruption agreement that Egypt is committed to with Switzerland, or how to fight corruption in Egypt.
Concerning the legitimacy of President Morsy, Office of the United Nation's High Commissioner for Human Rights has issued four statements condemning Morsy's constitutional declaration that infringe on the judiciary, the constitution draft and the haste to hold the referendum on it, the absence of enough guarantees to the rights of women, children and religious minorities, and ignoring referring to international conventions for human rights in the new Constitution.
United Nations is really concerned about the independence of the Egyptian judiciary, which was at top priority in the agenda of a conference held recently in India and was attended by 144 countries after the last assault on judiciary.
Here, customary international law states: with violence, all respect for the law fades away. Thus, showing respect for the law limits all kinds of violence. Really, there is no stronger than a state that shows respect for the law.