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  • Tuesday ,18 December 2012

Who pays the bill?

Osama Noshi

Article Of The Day


Monday ,17 December 2012

Who pays the bill?

Egypt now is at a loss politically. This serious shortage of political experience led the presidency to many random decisions that are just undone later, which made the people lose confidence in their rulers and their abilities to manage the country.


It was strange to impose new taxes in such serious political argument concerning the new constitution draft. Such decision was canceled soon after the prices were already raised and the poor had already suffered even more.


Just before that, a tendentious constitutional declaration was issued, combining all authorities in the hands of the president. Accordingly, thousands of people demonstrated against it, bloody clashes occurred causing the death and injury of many Egyptians. Finally, the president changes the constitutional declaration, which is to cause many crises soon!


The most serious challenges that threaten Egypt currently are this sharp polarization and political division, which the current religious regime is widely supporting instead of giving great concern to supporting the unity of the nation.


Despite their famous slogan that shows their readiness to share power, they’ve proven they are not ready to share any power, and are using mechanisms of an authoritarian regime, which are even worse than the former Mubarak’s regime.


Delay and stubbornness of the ruling regime are such disaster for Egypt, that the poor are the most to suffer from and to pay for, as they’re being used as fuel for such political conflict. They suffer more and more, which paves the way for another revolution of many hungry people!