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  • Monday ,17 December 2012

Vote or Boycott?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,17 December 2012

Vote or Boycott?

 In the past few days a lot was said about this unconstitutional new constitution the people of Egypt are supposed to vote on it today! My article will be published after results are announced or mostly known but I still have to say what I'll say...

First thanks to the opposition leadership this illegitimate VOTE gained the needed legitimacy with people voting so my words would be meaningless but I still have to say them from the responsibility point of view. The call for voting on this unconstitutional new constitution was met with great rejections Judges who were attacked by the system and Morsy's clear attack to the juridical system by immunizing his decisions above any accountability and dismissing the Attorney General for the second time and appointing a Muslim Brotherhood follower as Attorney General accepting clear interference in his decisions and orders to please Morsy was the major attack. Judges boycotted the elections and set conditions to supervise them those conditions were never met or officially accepted and we saw how the government tried to cover up the shortage of supervisors using Army Officers!
Bottom line is the best response to such a situation was BOYCOTT! Why? Cause elections not supervised by free fair judges are a clear disaster for the fairness of the results and we have seen elections before and how their results were altered and faked under the supervision of Judges!
However the honourable opposition counted matters differently they said [Egyptians boycotting elections their votes count for zero while MB followers vote are the only votes and 100% agree constitution passes by majority!] Mathematics say yes this is true however a simple fact escaped those people is that this vote is illegal if people reject to vote and participate in it they boycott verses voters all saying yes clear illegal vote! The other simple fact that escaped the opposition is altering and faking results which were sawn in more than a scandal in Kuwait, and France where ballots were already filed with approval pre-printed forms and before actual vote starts! And a last important thing is by calling on people to VOTE and not Boycott they gave legitimacy to this vote and a very powerful card in the hands of MB!
They could as well rather than voting or boycotting go catch cases to report the faking procedure and there was so many! Fake judges, preventing Christians as usual from voting, unauthorised forms and non stamped forms, changed forms where the votes were altered so illiterate taught to make a sign at a certain corner of the form with (yes) or (no) would be choosing the wrong choice! 
Beside that I know that as usual 1st part of voting is a test of tendencies of the voters then on the second part of it they do know exactly how much fake votes they do need and where beside whom to stop from voting so that they do get the final big bolt YES! 
I know all this should had been discussed way earlier but Morsy did not give enough time he rushed matters for this reason! And now it is too late to cry on poured Milk so all I can say now is 
I still have faith in God, Egypt and Egyptian people those people had been invaded more than once and each time they did raise up and freed Egypt to remain for Egyptians so however is invading Egypt or trying to invade it or practically invaded Egypt; Egypt will stay just for Egyptians so get ready to LEAVE!!
God Bless Egypt its People and True Egyptians