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  • Friday ,14 December 2012

The gang that ruled Egypt

Ismail Hosny

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Friday ,14 December 2012

The gang that ruled Egypt
At the gates of the Presidential Palace, Egyptians discovered that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a religious group, but a violent gang similar to Mafia. Egyptians knew that MB does nothing but trading on religion in order to seize power and control the people as well as the country's resources. 
The essence of Islam, as stated in the Hadith, is to complete the morals; its method, as outlined in Quran, is justice, charity, caring for the relatives, and forbidding indecency, evil and oppression. I can’t find this in the practices of those gangsters and their allies. They apparently commit all kinds of immoral and evil before men and on air! They lie, and accuse people wrongfully, insult them, break the promises, pay electoral bribes, and rig the elections. Furthermore, they attack the peaceful demonstrators and kill them. They have never stopped such practices, but they have been accusing some ghosts of committing their crimes. Finally, they felt that their president is losing his legitimacy because of his failure as a president, breaking his promises and breaking the law and disrespecting the constitution. So, they indulged in debauchery revealing their real face. They incited their militants against the state institutions and the Egyptians in order to seize the state as well as the constitution.
They besieged the Supreme Constitutional Court to prevent judges from annulling the Constituent Assembly, then besieged the Media Production City to terrorize mass media and prevent them from publishing their facts, and then attacked the protesters, men and women, beating and shooting them to kill as they tried to defend their freedoms and the judiciary prestige against a president who declared himself a dictator with absolute powers. All this can be only done by criminals and armed gangs that never care for the homeland.
The most hostile people to the Muslim Brotherhood couldn’t imagine they have so much political ignorance and stupidity, to imagine the possibility of governing a state in the twenty-first century using the same means of repression, oppression of the countries in ancient times. 
However, every cloud has a silver lining, as we found the truth about all illusions claimed by the sheikhs and the misleading religious media about the link between religion and politics, and the rule of God. Thus, the state of Muslim Brotherhood will disappear forever because of their practices. Knowing so, civil currents have to organize their lines in order to prevent holding the referendum on constitution draft, or to call the Egyptians to vote “no” in referendum to prevent them from rigging the referendum and to expose them before the world.