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  • Wednesday ,12 December 2012

We’ve only two solutions

Sobhi Foad

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Wednesday ,12 December 2012

We’ve only two solutions
President Morsy reminds me of a story about a train driver who suddenly decided not to stop at any station till the last stop. Passengers were beseeching him to stop, but he strongly refused. While he was totally busy insulting the passengers and receiving their insults, he couldn’t see he was approaching the end. So, he couldn’t reduce his speed and crushed at the end killing himself along with many other innocent people.
Such driver was not only responsible for the train, but also for all passengers, and his duty was to stop at all stations. He can’t just say: “I’m not going to stop save at the end… this is my train and I can do whatever I want… I have the legitimacy to do this” No, he can't say so.
Unfortunately, president Morsy refuses to listen to millions of Egyptians who demonstrated for weeks against the constitution and his constitutional declaration that gives him the powers of a god or a new Egyptian pharaoh in Islamic cloak. 
In order to avoid destruction or occupation by foreign countries, there’re only two solutions before President Morsy: First, to decline and stop the upcoming referendum on the draft of the constitution, then reshape the Constitutional Commission to allow all groups and currents of the Egyptian society to participate in drafting a secular constitution embraces everyone and saves their rights with no discrimination based on religion.
Egypt deserves a constitution that’s agreed upon by its people; a constitution that pushes Egypt forward and doesn’t bring it to backwardness and ignorance.
The other solution before President Morsy is to resign. Then, a National Council may be formed for three to five years, which represents all Egyptians. Such council may supervise drafting a new constitution, and work for achieving national unity and solving the increasing Egyptian problems.
Otherwise, Dr. Morsy is trying waste time in order to make a constitution that fits only his MB and their friends, the Salafis. Such idea is likely to lead Egypt to a civil war, in which many people may die, not to mention the economic collapse and the danger of a potential famine. 
Moreover, I want to remind President Morsy of his predecessors who dwelt at the same presidential palace. Sadat was assassinated due to his arrogance, and Mubarak who was overthrown after he had refused to listen to his people.
Finally, I hope that President Morsy will think it over and may realize he works for the Egyptians and not for the General Guide of MB or America. Thus, he has to listen to his people and treat them equally in order to develop Egypt. Furthermore, he should consider the story mentioned in the beginning about the train driver who killed himself along with many innocent people.