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  • Tuesday ,11 December 2012

The Constitution of the traitors!

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,11 December 2012

The Constitution of the traitors!

Mohammed Morsy and his Muslim Brotherhood group have failed to govern Egypt, and successfully accomplished the American and Israeli assignment to: hand Sinai over to the Zionists of Hamas, weaken the Egyptian armed forces that was the tenth in the world rankings, divide Egypt and converting it to a mini-state within the imagined caliphate, destroy the Constitution and the law, and destroy the Egyptian economy.

According to their experiences, they can only manage a secret organization, not to govern Egypt. I advise them to go back to work underground along with their thugs and leaders.
• Mohamed Morsy has become the official sponsor of terrorism in Egypt, in the name of Islam. When an Islamic group called “Hazemnoun” shot the judges' meeting in their club, no action was taken either by the ministry of interiors, or the presidency. The same happened when MB militias have surrounded the Supreme Constitutional Court threatening to kill its judges if Morsy wishes!
MB has caused great embarrassment to the American Administration. So, Morsy’s visit to America was canceled twice, and I can assure you that USA is preparing his alternative. The American thinker, socialist and director of the Ibn Khaldun Center, Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, and his disciple Amr Hamzawy are clearly paving the way before such end.
Most Egyptians didn't understand Morsy's very first speech as a President: He refused to swear the presidential constitutional oath before the Supreme Constitutional Court. Furthermore, he thanked microbus, auto rickshaw drivers as well as street vendors who violate the law the most, and hate the law and his men the most.
In fact, MB suffered a lot for 80 years from the law, and now they're trying to take revenge of that law and the jurists.
I ask Sheikh of Al-Azhar: Do the slogans of the Islamists before Cairo University and the Supreme Constitutional Declaration to free Egypt from judges and threat to murder Morsy's opposition. Are they infidels? Do they reflect Islam?
Morsy have assured many times to take revenge for the martyrs of January 25. I wonder: Who will take revenge for the martyrs who were killed by Morsy's regime that could only achieve failure in all fields.
Egypt has recently experienced many historical events. Islamists have been killing their opposition in the name of Islam that they know nothing about, as they kill, lie, threaten and call the others infidels! Their attitude can only be described with arrogance.
Political Islam groups were clearly exposed before the public opinion last Wednesday before the presidential palace, and proved they’re the thugs who killed the revolutionists during the revolution of January 25. Moreover, they’ve tried to seize Egypt by their constituent committee to draft the constitution headed by a former judge called Hosam Al-Gheriany. This former judge was supposed to be MB Islamic consensus candidate for the presidency till he was replaced by Al-Shater and then Morsy after receiving “foreign orders” form USA and Qatar.
In the Constituent Committee, he broke many promises to make a consensus constitution causing many withdrawals from the committee.
Unfortunately, this was against the rules of drafting constitutions all over the world and against Islam that they trade on all the time. A group of Islamists, including people who hate Egypt along with its Coptic Christians, have made a constitution that can’t belong to Egypt. They permitted people who have other citizenship to be nominated for the Parliament, including Hamas members who are going to settle in Sinai and get the Egyptian citizenship before they seize the Egyptian land of Sinai.  
This Constituent Committee has tried with MB to violate the Egyptian rights. However, we still have some hope in the Egyptians and their Armed Forces, especially as the bible says: “Blessed is Egypt my people”.