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  • Monday ,10 December 2012

Leaders & Opposition

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,10 December 2012

Leaders & Opposition

 The Egyptian grounds are a real turmoil people die and people are being kidnapped just to please a dictator who become blind and deaf! Since the dictatorship announcement 2 weeks ago and Egypt is unrest and a unified opposition had been formed lots of people followed and they proved gutless!

Seriously there is a battle for Egypt, Egyptians want their country back and Muslim Brotherhood got a grip of this country after decades of underground work would never let go of their grip, so what is next?
I’m an optimistic pessimistic guy I do believe in God’s will but I’m not holly just a human being full of sins so help me God and lead my way; however I do strongly have faith and believe that I have to rest assured very much and leave matters to whom has them in his hands –Father Kurols- who said as well “He who put you at the beginning of the path will never let you down in the middle of it” so true you fathers is any one taking his child out would leave him in the middle of the road and go home?
Now back to our eternal problem in Egypt, people proved they do care for Egypt the Millions who come out in support of the Egyptian Country to remain for Egyptians are an absolute majority but not fighters; they never got any fighting training or skills! Militants of the Muslim Brotherhood on the other hand, had it and have it and they can always buy thugs and spread terror in the streets! 
This is the BATTLE OF EGYPT, and like in any battle a leader is needed the real leader does not just secure his defence and enforce the defences, but as well plans for offences, the battle is won when your offences surpass the defences of your enemy, you can not win a battle on defending grounds, yes your defences grinds attacking forces and the attacker will rest for a while to rebuild his offensive powers and try again and again until your defences collapse! This is a very well known principal that ex-president Sadat used successfully on October 1973 war, the enemy supported by USA quickly rebuild his offensive powers and Sadat accepted the ceasefire before his defences collapse! This is war who has the aggressive power wins it and Egyptians are emotional and peaceful.
Their emotions let them accept the united rescue opposition and follow them blindly in the lack of a leadership, but who are those guys? 
1. Mr. Mohamed Baradei great scientist who failed to protect Iraq from the false accusations of having weapons of mass destructions! He like any political observer saw the unrest in Egypt and rushed to return upon the revolution of January 25th he was hopping he could be a leader but proved he luck this skill, he was attacked on Mubarak’s orders while going to the mosque for Friday prayers and without people support he would never had being able to safely return home and stay there until Mubarak stepped down or forced to step down  then showed up again upon elections for presidency which he left in the middle and run away forming his party! Egypt needs another party for him to become a leader!
2. Mr. Hamden Sabahi my opinion was clearly declared when I nominated him the POLITICAL CLOWN! No further say on this guy!
3. Amr Moussa a very respectful politician who lead the Arab League to an absolute ZERO when he was in control.
4. Many others who I can not mention names are not important!
The bottom line is this rescue united opposition could not initiate any useful proposition to end this battle for Egypt, they keep postponing actions and decisions an actual leader would not hesitate a second to give ultimatum to a president that lost his legitimacy by all means he stepped on all red lines that would enforce him by law to leave office!
Obviously the Egyptian non elected President Morsy is playing daff not listening to any opposition and he proved time after time he is not going to leave office on his own he has to be REMOVED by whom that is what all Egyptians are looking for, a new LEADER!!
God bless Egypt and Egyptians this Egyptian Blood shed on the streets will be a curse on Morsy for ever and he will be prosecuted for it if not by Egyptian and Human Rights by God for sure!!