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  • Friday ,07 December 2012

I do not hear or see, says Morsy!

Adly Anis

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Friday ,07 December 2012

I do not hear or see, says Morsy!

 We know that “For every action there is a reaction that's equal in amount and opposite in direction”. However, the actions of the Egyptian president is contrary to all accepted democratic rules! Millions of Egyptians are demonstrating against the “Constitutional Declaration”, but the president has no comment as if he can't see them at all. They cry out demanding the cancelation of his “Constitutional Declaration”, and accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of acting the same as the former regime. Yet, the President doesn't listen to them.

Dr. Morsy ignores millions of demonstrators in the streets as well as their cries. When he decided to speak, he spoke to his people who were gathered in front of his presidential palace. This, incurred his opponents' wrath. So, many people advised him to talk to the Egyptians in general and not only to his own people of MB. Morsy then decided to talk to them through the public TV advising his opponents to “love each other”! In fact, he didn't talk to those who refuse his dictatorial decisions, acting again like he can't see or hear them. He could only gather his people in front of Cairo University in order to insult Egyptian public figures, media, and judiciary, calling all Egyptians who refused Morsy's constitutional declaration as infidels.
It was such a stigma in the history of Cairo University that's used to education and science, not insulting and cursing the others. I can't imagine that judiciary was insulted in front of the great Faculty of Law! Yet, the President has taken no action. 
Later, the Islamists have surrounded the Constitutional Court and prevented the judges from doing their job. Still, no action was taken by the President or his new public prosecutor. This was a crime that should have been investigated. Yet, both of them act like they can't see and can't hear.
Now, I can tell Morsy: you are no more a president for all Egyptians as you had promised, and we can't accept such practices of MB seizing Egypt. I advise Dr. Morsy, who claimed to be “the representative of the revolution” during his electoral platform, to first revolt against his group. He was elected by 13 millions while MB members are less than 500.000 people. He should try to be a real President for the Egyptians who overcame Mubarak and his corrupted regime.