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  • Tuesday ,04 December 2012

A thank You letter

Nader Fawzi

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Tuesday ,04 December 2012

A thank You letter

 First of all, I'd like to thank all people who have supported me against the fascist tyranny of the Islamic rule in Egypt, especially Mr. Mounir Bishay, Eng. Sherif Mansour, Mr. Oliver, Mr. William Wissa, sister Ghada Malak, Dr. Awad Shafik, Copts United team led by Eng. Ezzat Polous, and of course Dr. Hany Shenouda,  my dear brother who is worried for my life more than myself.

Second, Such judgment is but a Medal of honor for me and for all our great Coptic activists who have struggled for the Coptic issue paving the way before us like Dr. Saliem Naguib, Eng. Shawki Karas, Mr. Mounir Bishay, Mr. Mounir Dawoud, Mr. Milad Iskandar, Dr. Alfons Kelada, etc.
Third, such judgment gave me a great opportunity to appear in Canadian media  and all over the world in order to talk about the Coptic issue. They honored me to be presented in the media as  prosecuted Coptic activist who struggles against oppression of his fellow prosecuted Coptic Christians in Egypt, who are accused falsely of defamation of Islam without having a chance to defend themselves. It gave me great pleasure that the Coptic issue is now discussed in the Canadian media. This reminds me of a verse of the holy bible: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28
Fourth, I'm going to raise an international lawsuit against the MB government of Muslim Brotherhood, in which I am going to demand a huge compensation. This will be used to help the victims of Islamic extremism in Egypt.
Finally, I ask all Coptic activists to unite and work together avoiding our dispute. We have the same goals with different methods. Let's work together, and I ask your help to get the due information to raise an international lawsuit. For instance: We need to find out about the words of the judgment and its reason, the documents or evidence that made the court sentence me to death. We have to unite now as the next judgment may include your names too.