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  • Monday ,03 December 2012

Important in a statement

Dr. Naguib Gibraeel

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Monday ,03 December 2012

Important in a statement
Gabriel: demands of the International Council for Human Rights that hold extraordinary review with Egypt "in its constitution boiled"
Gabriel: the head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights ... Constitutions of the states must take into account the international standards of human rights and considers Semitism on local laws or lose credibility states to respect international treaties
Gabriel: "" boiled Constitution of Egypt "came in much material in violation of the rights of women and Copts and cultural and religious pluralism and dominated Islamic religious identity on the Egyptian national belonging.
Egypt constitution boiled Gul prime Alddolh powers contrary to the concept of the principle of separation of powers and marginalized the rights and freedoms and trimmed the idea of devolution of power.
In an important statement issued this morning, Dr. / Naguib Gabriel head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights urged the International Council for Human Rights and considering that Egypt member of this Council demanded Gabriel Council that review Egypt and exceptionally in its constitution boiled considering that the task of the International Council that takes into account governments and states when to draw up their constitutions and to be of international standards for human rights is one that transcends local laws.
 He added Gabriel said Egypt threatened international responsibility towards its constitution boiled developed by the elite express one faction and one stream which mainstream Muslim religious, both Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist after withdrew all national forces civil and liberal Constituent Assembly to the Constitution, which exclusively put the constitution to excluded women and wasting Egyptian identity and mounted religious affiliation for National and reduces the narrowing of the right of others, "Copts and Muslims" in the exercise of their beliefs and Igaul authorities Head of State in contravention of the principle of separation of powers and violate the rights and freedoms does not safeguard justice authorities and then should be warned Egypt of the Constitution, which does not reflect the national consensus and popular.
Cairo 01/12/2012

 D. Naguib Gabriel
 Head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights