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  • Monday ,03 December 2012

The Confusion

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,03 December 2012

The Confusion

 This is my overdue article written 3 weeks ago revised as events in Egypt develop in an incredible way and too fast, initially was a reading between the lines about the confusion in the Egyptian streets and an analysis justifying some deeds of the Military Council (MC), and sayings of the ex-president Husny Mubarak.

We Egyptians are very sentimental and emotions moves us this is a fact lots of people in this materialistic world do not see or feel. 
Let us look closer what this means; if the people next door have a fire, in USA, or UK, Europe in general, fire alarms will blow warning sirens and people are trained in such situations to quickly vacate the place helping young children or elderly ones to move out of the building as fast as possible, in Egypt a person will rush next door leaving behind babies and sick people unable to move and go help put off the fire and minimise fire damage as much as possible and when fire is off they will remain trying to help recovery from this fire giving away staff they might need it as well. This is Egyptian emotional reaction!
Unfortunately rulers and politicians in the past decades used it wrongly, when ever a situation rises there was one and overheard excuse –EXTERNAL CONSPIRACIES- there is always an unknown entity trying to attack Egypt and its people and the most common one was usually Israel which in spite of the Camp David resolution that had put an end to the Egypto-Israeli conflict and replaced it with peaceful talks and negotiations to solve any issue! 
In my analysis as facts and secrets of yesterday become stories and well known facts today or at most tomorrow I see the following:-
MC like most if not all Egyptian institutions had been penetrated by MB individuals this means leading positions belong to MB and follow their policies trying to achieve their own proper goals of total control!
We had seen over the past few weeks since Dr. Morsy become the nominated president – and I persist that he was nominated not elected – the press, the media, the law institutions and most major entities had been revamped with new MB leaders including the MC and amazingly Al-Azhar too!
However, we all know MB popularity in Egypt at most optimistic studies assumes they are no more than 11 million persons including children women and elderly that can not fight but can VOTE! This means that the MB leaders of the Army are supported by a non MB majority and so is the Azhar and Press and Media you name it! If a bloody conflict arises between Egyptians MB will suffer enormously without the help of their affiliations like Hamas! So to my view Dr. Morsy in giving away Sinai to Hamas under covered as Gaza people is seeking their support to face Egyptians who might rise for their freedom and rights! 
With the 25th January revolution this policy CONFUSION become in effect we saw it clearly upon Maspiro massacre Ex-Marshal Tantawy who proudly said it over and over again Egyptian Army personnel never shut or killed Egyptians they were the protectors of the revolution [protectors from whom and who said they needed protection?]  It happened again in Upper Egypt when a church was attacked and on February 2011 days after Mubarak resignation and stepping down ARMY attacked a monastery illegal fence as alleged! They could not close an eye or ask them to remove the fence they had to step down and demolish it by force while thugs and outlaws were publicly attacking peaceful people and they –the army- did not offer any protection from those thugs it was not part of their protective role!  Confusion was reached it’s peak when all officials kept giving conflicting excuses for the Maspiro massacre, the driver of the disappeared TANKS was blinded and viciously attacked by the peaceful un-armed Christian Copts –reminder Copt=Egyptian- the driver needed out of that hell blindly so he run over people!! 
More confusion with investigations which proved live ammunition was used while authorities denied men where armed with more than tear gas weapons or fake sound bullets to dismiss crowed … and when they admitted live ammunition was used by a third un-known invisible party as no camera could catch any of them all security cameras in the TV Maspiro Building or the museum in Tahrir not to talk of Al-Jezira, BBC, and other news channels which covered the events in the news, or people’s cell phones!! 
The Military Council kept acting like if they do not hear or see the people in the streets; A Christian priest was accused and banned from leaving Egypt for calling and participating in the Maspiro peaceful march while the killers of Mina Daniel remained free and unknown and no further action was taken! 
Popular demands calling the Military Council to step down raised more with Mohamed Mahmoud street events we saw and caught on cams solders attacking women pulling them off their clothes and peeing on the crowds surrounded the ministry building trying to prevents the new PM from accessing the building! 
Then come the parliament elections with all the rules imposed by the MC and closing its eyes again on discrepancies committed by Muslim Brotherhood –MB- to win absolute majority as the fairness of the elections was questionable! 
And to keep people busy more elections on the way for the presidency, it become obvious MC had allied with MB trying by all means to pass on powers to them but people dismay increased and in an effort from MC to improve its image they allowed the court to dismiss the elected parliament, more over announced a constitutional amendment reducing the powers of the elected president –which is as well questionable for many discrepancies including 1 million pre-written voting forms in favour of Dr. Morsy- once again no further action was taken and people really remain confused!
This confusion policy was not an invention of the Military Council or Tantawy, and obviously it is the current policy still, we see grown up people curse and insult Christian Religion and burning the bible publicly then walk away free, while children 7 years old are captured in jailed for playing by a rubbish bin that contained torrent up Koran accused of doing that and disrespecting Islam and a teenager facing serious charges for just posting the link of a movie discriminating Islam on his face book wall!
For the past few weeks I keep calling to open our eyes on Sinai that apparently our authorities decided to give away as an extension of Gaza or may be replacement! We see Christians being forced to leave their houses because thugs or Islamists decided they should leave, and both the police and ARMY (The Revolution Protector) unable to protect those Christians!
As popular dismay on current rulers rises with more demands to leave power, more confusion is created to keep people busy. 
To my view that might be wrong leaders of the MC were isolated from their powers as MB penetrated this institution, it was very critical to have rebellion inside the army between MB and non MB on this crucial times while conspiracies from outsiders trying to take away a most dear part of Egypt that is Sinai but this time it is not an Israel conspiracy but Hamas one and may be they included Israel as a mediator to help them achieve their GOAL!
Confusion is the policy and we will always see rumours from MB entities trying to create more confusion, and in this confusion people do not know for real where the enemy is!
Egyptian’s emotional state prevents rational thoughts and conclusions, when news says Israel thinks soon will declare a war on Egypt and this will be the beginning of a World War III simple people tends to believe it without even checking back INTERNATIONAL REPUTABLE news channels like CNN or BBC! They do not even question why would Israel do that while they did not even blame Egyptian authorities on the Embassy attack and no one would had blamed them then if they had taken more sever re-action! 
For what reason would Israel open fire on Egypt when they respected our borders on August attack and if they are bothered by Hamas Toy Rockets they can just strike back Gaza moreover KILL its military commander?
Once again I do not pretend knowing the unknown I just read listen think and make my own conclusions reading between the lines which might be right or wrong. However, my only and unique motivation is to see Egypt safe and sane may God bless Egypt and Egyptians.