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  • Friday ,30 November 2012

Does President Morcy get the message?

Issam Nassiem

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Friday ,30 November 2012

Does President Morcy get the message?
No one could imagine that the Egyptians would come out calling President Morsy to step down after only 5 months since President Morsy came in power. Yesterday, Tahrir Square was full of people like it wasn't since the revolution of January 25.
President Morsy and his MB had a golden chance to govern Egypt and to present a democratic model seeking national reconciliation without discrimination, but they failed and lost their popularity few months after being in power, because of their fascist practices and after taking revenge of their opposition.
In no time, MB made enemies of their supporters during Morsy's presidential campaign who they were thinking he is the hero of building a democratic regime and developing Egypt. They failed as they don't care about Egypt, but rather being in power. This was their dream for more than 80 years, which came true by a revolution of millions of Egyptians. Soon, MB has seized power as well as all institutions of the state, eliminating all their opponents. 
President Morsy has forgot about all his speeches during his electoral campaign claiming he will be a president for all Egyptians, but he came a president only for his people and family according to his first and last speeches before his people of MB who support Morsy without thinking.
President Morsy has failed to govern Egypt and to be a president for all Egyptians giving all his decisions that support his group even against the law and against Egypt. 
Have they achieved something for Egypt? It's clear that they don't care that much for Egypt, and they could do nothing for themselves or for Egypt. They have lost many supporters and are still losing. Now, MB are supported only by Islamists who have the same religious project, and MB members who are committed to blind obedience.
The regime is tumbling after the demonstrations that proved that the real revolutionists are still alive, and they are different from Muslim Brotherhood. It proved that Morsy is not the president of the revolutionists and his decisions don't represent them, but only his own people. The revolutionists have came out to refuse the decisions or the constitutional declaration of Morsy. 
Does Morsy and his MB get the message or will we live the tragedy of Mubrak for the second time? Soon we are going to find out.