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  • Thursday ,29 November 2012

Youth of anti-Morsi parties reject coalition with 'Mubarak remnants'


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Thursday ,29 November 2012

Youth of anti-Morsi parties reject coalition with 'Mubarak remnants'

 The student membership of the Constitution Party, Socialist Popular Alliance and the Egyptian Popular Current issued a statement Wednesday denouncing the National Front for Salvation of the Revolution coalition between their parties and figures from the Mubarak regime.

"We students of parties and movements reject that our party leaders and figures stand side by side with remnants of the former regime in the 'Front for Salvation of the Revolution,'" read the statement, adding that they are pressurising their parties to withdraw from the coalition.
The National Front for Salvation of the Revolution was launched on Saturday by tens of opposition political parties and groups to counter the controversial constitutional declaration that was issued by President Mohamed Morsi on Thursday.
The front, which includes the Coalition of Nasserist parties, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Free Egypt Party, the Wafd Party, the Free Egyptians Party and the Farmers General Syndicate, declared they will not hold any dialogue meetings with Morsi until the declaration is cancelled.
However, the coalition has sparked criticism among several members of pro-revolution political forces who oppose relations with any figure affiliated with Hosni Mubarak's administration.
"This front will defame our revolution," the youth members continued, "We have always been part of our great revolution and all figures from the former [Mubarak] regime have always been nothing but enemies to us and to our revolution."
Two controversial figures in the front are Mubarak-era former Minister of Foreign Affairs Amr Moussa and head of the liberal Wafd Party Sayed El-Badawi.
Many have also slammed the presence of the Free Egyptians Party, as they accuse the liberal party of having been closely affiliated with the former regime.