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  • Wednesday ,28 November 2012

We need our country back!

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,28 November 2012

We need our country back!

 January 25 is a fake revolution, as its revolutionists have disappeared. It’s a fake one as Morsy and his Muslim Brotherhood escaped from the jail to be the governors of Egypt forming the new dictatorship, while the real revolutionists are kept in jail!

It was a fake revolution, as leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood knew about it to prepare their equipment and men to attack Egyptian central prisons in order to help 43 prisoners of their leaders escape, including 7 of the Guidance Office; one of them is Mohamed Morsy Issa Ayat, who became later the Egyptian president supported by the American Administration and the forged ballot papers. 
Then, they started their plan to seize power and deliver Sinai to the Jews and Hamas. It’s clear that the election of Morsy is illegal as he is but a fugitive prisoner.
Morsy is the first president with another president that he can do nothing on his own, I mean the General Guide of MB, and the first president whose family is multinational. He is very loyal to America, the international organization of MB, MB leaders and General Guide, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran, but not to Egypt or its people!
Morsy and his MB have failed to govern Egypt, and tried to establish an Islamic Caliphate in Egypt by leading the sheiks in prayers as if he’s a great Islamic scholar.
Moreover, it’s a fake revolution as MB has betrayed Egypt and its lands like no one has done in order to implement the Zionist plan “From the Nile to the Euphrates” 
Where is the Egyptian armed forces from all this?  Doesn’t Field Marshal "Sisi" care about Egypt and Sinai? Will the Egyptian armed forces support the constitutional legitimacy or the presidential barbarism? 
I say to Muslim Brotherhood and Dr. Morsy: You can’t enslave Egyptians! All Egyptian judges, lawyers, parties, blocs, and everyone in Tahrir Square send a message to you and the whole world: in Egypt, there are men who are not for sale!
Mubarak was a friend of Israel, and Morsy is their sincere friend. However, his friend, the Israeli President has embarrassed Morsy by attacking Morsy’s people, Hamas.
Because of the barbarian decisions of Morsy, and his complete failure as a president of Egypt, as well as the stupidity of his advisers and spokespersons, stock market has lost 30 billion EGP in a single day. MB has proved it has a stupid mind in a huge body, as it lost a big chance to govern Egypt, which was their dream for 83 years.
Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorism manifested in several attacks against civilians, politicians and Coptic Christians, which was very strong during the nineties by one of its gangs, Islamic Group movement, and later after ”the fake revolution” as hundreds of Egyptians were killed in the path of applying the Sharia which is already applied!
Was there an agreement between Egypt and Israel to strike Hamas in order to resettle the Palestinians in Sinai? 
I know that a number of Israeli newspapers have nominated Morsy to win the Nobel Prize for peace after his “peaceful and friendly letter” to the Israeli President and helping them offering our land to them. However, leaders of the Egyptian army are strangely holding their peace, as they are able to stop such betrayal to Egypt and its precious land, Sinai.
May God bless Hosny Mubarak and Field Marshal Tantawy who could preserve Sinai after receiving it from the great man, Sadat! Where is the Egyptian Field Marshal Sisi,
Commander in chief of the Egyptian armed forces? Will he protect the constitutional legitimacy?
Finally, where are the free democratic countries that supported the revolution against the dictator Mubarak, which was nothing comparing to Morsy’s dictatorship, who told the Egyptians in the constitutional declaration: “I’m your lord; no one can oppose me or my decisions!”
I wonder after this crisis: Will Morsy sacrifice his prime minister? Will MB sacrifice Morsy? 
In fact, Egypt is facing very hard circumstances, and the third party has returned, which is the militias of Muslim Brotherhood causing the interruption of the public Egyptian television broadcast for the first time and killing our children. I feel pity for Egypt.