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  • Tuesday ,27 November 2012

Fake democracy of January 25

D. Aida Nassif

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Tuesday ,27 November 2012

Fake democracy of January 25

 I've lived under Mubarak's regime and experienced his fake democracy. However, we enjoyed a better situation comparing to the dictatorship of the current regime. Current regime claim to support freedom and care for the revolution and its demands, but it only carries retardation and trade on religion.

We've waited for a long time for a decent constitution for all Egyptians and the next generations as well, but its draft was a disaster for freedoms and democracy.
I remember reading about the famous dictator, Mussolini, who in order to spread fascism, have killed and tortured many socialists and assassinated their leaders to demolish their organizations. Furthermore, they have started a cultural war against any other trend. Later, Mussolini was burned to death.
I don't think that Egypt is likely to have similar dispute as its people are able to unite at the right time, as they did concerning the constituent committee save for Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, but President Morsy have supported such unlawful committee as well as Shura Council. 
In fact, he is trying to save himself by having all powers in his own hand regardless of the revolution and all its martyrs in Tahrir Square, Mohammed Mahmoud street, Maspero, and again Mohammed Mahmoud street where “Jika” had received 7 bullets in his body to kill him along with MB dictatorship. Egyptians will uprise again in another day of anger to revive the revolution and save the insulted judiciary proclaiming that the last decisions of Morsy is totally refused as an unprecedented violation to legitimacy in Egypt.
Yes, the democracy we had after January 25 revolution is but a dictatorship that violates human rights, attacks and beats the public figures like Abul Ezz Al-Hariry who have supported all national currents, including Muslim Brotherhood, against the former regime demanding freedom and democracy. 
I don't know why Dr. Mohammed Morsy is not acting like a President for all Egyptians? During the last crisis, he's only spoken to his people and protected them. There are clashes currently in Mohammed Mahmoud street and Qasr al-Ainy with the security forces, but he totally ignores them.
I wonder: Will Morsy cancel his decisions to prevent a lot of bloodshed in Egypt? Will he realize that many invasions and governors have came to Egypt trying to dominate it, but the Egyptians have always refused this and made such dictators lose everything!