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  • Tuesday ,27 November 2012

Cairo clashes calm down before funeral march


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Tuesday ,27 November 2012

Cairo clashes calm down before funeral march

Clashes by the American Embassy in Simon Bolivar Square near the Cairo centre Sunday have seen a lull this Monday morning.

Dozens of protesters continued their sit-in for the third day in protest over President Morsi's controversial constitutional decree Thursday, which shields his decisions from legal challenges and also protects the upper house of parliament and the Constituent Assembly - both of which are dominated by Islamists - from dissolution.  
Protesters continue to block off all entrances to Tahrir Square, not allowing cars entry.  
Near the grounds of Omar Makram Mosque, close to Simon Bolivar Square, protesters set up a stage in honour of the Gaber Salah, more popularly known as "Jika" who was shot in the head and chest on 18 November during police-protester clashes on Mohamed Mahmoud Street. He suffered a stroke and was pronounced clinically dead, but on life support before finally succumbing.
Salah's funeral is expected Monday afternoon in Omar Makram Mosque after his friends and family march his coffin through Mohamed Mahmoud Street.
The influential April 6th Movement, of which Salah was member, had made the announcement that he was removed from life support systems and that they considered him a "martyr."