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  • Monday ,26 November 2012


J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,26 November 2012


 Once again I find myself in the obligation to write a new article and postpone my 2 weeks old article about the confusion in the streets of Egypt; I promise to post it next week hopefully but for now I have to talk about the dictatorship in its ugliest ever states.

Upon last presidential elections USA president Obama and his secretary popped –in my iteration of events- trying to help Egyptian people looking for freedom and justice and in what seemed to be the ugliest ever interference with the Egyptian Internal affairs demanded the Military Counsel to give up on his powers to a civilian institution Even if it was Morsy the winner!
As an Egyptian I hated this statement I never was or ever under any circumstances would be for any Muslim Brotherhood entity, do not get me wrong or try to twist around my words I’m not for Muslim Brotherhood which has nothing to do with real Muslims or Muslim Egyptians this entity is just using religion for other targets that has nothing to do with religion!
Today on the net I saw this ….As is from the original…”U.S. political analyst on station (CNN) said in
His analysis of what is happening:
The Egyptians did not suffer from the pain and pay adequate blood also suffered and paid free peoples.
This could not preserve the freedom gained on the force Mubarak to step down ...They lost their
own freedom and their dreams were stolen by choice.
We as a government contributed U.S. (unfortunately) in the theft of freedom of the Egyptians - and must recognize this - That Israel's security for us is a top priority ..
The Brotherhood vowed to us and pledged to Tel Aviv to maintain Israeli security without harassment.
But despite all this,
Not surprisingly that Egyptians will surprise the world again and take the liberty this time and forever .....”
It is obvious from the current events since last Thursday 22nd of November 2012 when Dr. Morsy decided to become the new Egyptian Dictator that ex-president [R.I.P.] Jamal Abd El Naser in his top ruling period and as a dictator would never dare to have his dictatorship so boldly announced but Dr. Morsy supported by the thugs and terrorists of Hamas decided it was the time to be the sole dictator in Egypt! 
Dictator his words cannot be contested or disputed in other worlds protected by his own rules he plays the game on his own to take away EGYPT from Egyptian but is this going to happen I am confident in GOD’s blessings to Egypt and he will protect it from such a future!!