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  • Friday ,23 November 2012

Journey to heaven

Gergis Wahib

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Friday ,23 November 2012

Journey to heaven

 Coptic Orthodox Church was led during the transitional period by the Abba Pachomius, the Acting Patriarch, till His Holiness Pope Tawadros was enthroned as the 118th Pope carrying the number 118. To me, Celebrating the mass as well as the official enthronement were like a journey to  heaven or like living the first days of the Church when “They all joined together constantly in prayer”. Abba Pachomius could take his people to heaven through his humbleness, love and self-denial. 

He made the Coptic Church praised by the whole world and gave strength to his people teaching their enemies that the Church is a spiritual foundation to spread love and there is no room for competition or hatred within the church but rather constructive cooperation.
Millions of people were crying out during the celebration of official enthronement when he humbly described himself as a despicable man. He is truly a Pope who is not listed in the Coptic Orthodox Church history. He led the Church during a very sensitive period, with a state of chaos in everything in Egypt. Some people have tried to move such chaos to the Church. Fortunately, they failed because of his wisdom and love.
The Papal election process is one of Abba Pachomius' achievements as it was perfect. It passed peacefully and smoothly making everybody happy and satisfied. 
We'll always remember his wise leadership and love till he handed the Church over to His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, who promised to arrange the service and give great concern to Sunday school and preparing the ministers, which will help the Coptic Orthodox Church indeed to be in its distinguished and leading position.
I want also to thank Abba Paula and the scout teams who spend a lot of time and effort to make the papal elections look good. And I thank the bishops who were excluded from running for the papacy as they were very civilized in accepting that decision.
I'm sure that Pope Tawadros is going to unite his people to serve their Church and improve its position, and he will open the door before all his children to participate in Church's revival.