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  • Thursday ,22 November 2012

I can work at the Presidency

Basant Mousa

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Thursday ,22 November 2012

I can work at the Presidency

 I remember the day Morsy was announced as the Egyptian president. I cried bitterly just like I did when my father died. For me, it was announcing the end of many beautiful things in Egypt, and the start of new dark days or sophistry stage for ignorance and blood, in which a group of corrupters trade on religion and hide behind it.

Such religious cover needs bloody struggle to be defeated. In fact, it's but a war with many predators who pretend to believe in principles of justice and freedom, but a lot of bloodshed won't stop them as they are like wild animals.
Sophistry is the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving your audience. I've learnt about it in the university when I was a student in the Department of Philosophy and Sociology. A sophist is not a stupid person, but an individual who possesses great persuasive abilities and wealthy linguistic terms being able to demonstrate the meaning and reverse the ideas. In short, a sophist has the ability to convince his audience with whatever he wants. 
As I like sophistry, I loved Freedom and Justice newspaper issued by Freedom and Justice Party the most, as they practice sophistry all the time.
I decided to prove to FJP and myself that I can be sophistic just like them so that they might hire me to work with them in the journal or even the presidency.
This is a sample of my work: a statement by President Mohammed Morsy after the train crash in Assiut:
“Dear Fellow Citizens, I salute you in the beginning by the greeting of Islam 'Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you" and to pray and to recognize the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I have received with deep sorrow and great sadness the news of a train crash in Assiut, in which more than 50 of our Muslim children were killed. I, as a father and a president, realize and feel bad for your anger and pain. I tell you: Yes, there are negligence and corruption that killed our children. I assure you that I have ordered that each one responsible for the death of our little children should be judged as no one will be able to break the law anymore”. 
“Some people accuse me of negligence, but no one can remove the corruption of thirty years that rooted deep in state institutions by the former regime in only three months! I can only fight corruption by the law as I'm not a tyrant. All of us have to pay the price and support each other in such war.
“Our Egyptian Muslim children were the price of our battle with Mubarak regime's corruption. They are our martyrs in heaven as they live now with God in heaven praying for Egypt and its Development Project, which is hindered by our enemies and the corruption of the former regime”. 
“Finally, I tell you from the bottom of my heart that I'll do my best to take revenge for our martyrs since the beginning of the revolution till the end of my term as a president. Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.