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  • Wednesday ,21 November 2012

Children of Egypt and Gaza

Gergis Wahib

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Wednesday ,21 November 2012

Children of Egypt and Gaza
It is normal and logical that the President of  a state puts the people of his country as top priority in his agenda, giving them the greatest concern. Doing this, he can try to help or sympathize with people of other countries who are suffering somehow. However, Islamists have another point of view that you can understand upon looking closely at the reaction of the President after two great events or incidents: First,  the attack on Gaza in Palestine, which is not governed by President Morsy as it has its own elected President. Second, the terrible accident in Assiut, Egypt, in which more than 50 children were killed because of negligence and empty talk of the Islamists who brought only retardation to Egypt. Our President had a very strong reaction concerning the people of Gaza, but not of his people in Egypt. 
President Morsy has only issued a weak statements in which he accepted the resignation of the Minister of Transport. However, he should have devoted his time to visit the injured and declare the public mourning, he kept himself busy with discussions about Gaza with the Turkish Prime Minister and the Emir of Qatar ignoring dozens of Egyptian children who were killed under the wheels of a train. In fact, Morsy is proving by this to be a president for the Palestinians, but not for the Egyptians. He should have had meetings and discussions to study the issue in order to prevent more similar accidents in the future. He should have tried to help the families of those children and make sure they have the treatment they need, and ensure the availability of medicines and medical devices as well, especially after receiving complaints of treatment shortage there.
Same applies to the Egyptian Prime Minister, Hisham Kandil, who sympathized with the people of Gaza more than the Egyptians of Assiut, and to Muslim Brotherhood who's organized many demonstrations for Gaza, but only issued a statement for the accident of Assiut. Members of al-Nour ultra conservative party have given many powerful speeches for Gaza, but issued a single statement on internet about the death of the Egyptian students! furthermore, Egyptian Doctors' Syndicate harried to send medicine to Gaza, but has never sent a delegate to visit the hospitals in Assiut to support the victims of Assiut's terrible accident.
Those are the Islamists dealing with an Egyptian crisis and failing to help the Egyptians at this significant moment. Those are the politicians who defend their religion demanding the application of the Islamic Sharia!