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  • Tuesday ,20 November 2012

The human tragedy of murdering our children

Teriza Samir

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Tuesday ,20 November 2012

The human tragedy of murdering our children

 We're shocked and all our dreams are turned out to nightmares after the death of many school students under the wheels of the train of Assiut. It's no longer enough to condemn or deplore. What happens in Egypt now? We feel that our lives are threatened in every single moment. Before that, our children were murdered in a soccer game while holding the Egyptian flag. Then, they were killed in a school bus holding their books! What kind of negligence is that? Till when no official will be judged for his neglect? Till when our souls will be threatened all the time along with our children, brothers, sisters and friends. Till when our souls will be priceless?

Till when neglect will devour our dreams and our children as well? We feel that our souls are cheaper than a piece of a cell phone or a piece of accessory of a car. When our government would realizes that we are but human being. They neither realize that nor grant our human dignity.
I tell president Mohammed Morsy that we're but humans whose souls are priceless. We're in bad need to Justice, which is the name of your party "Freedom and Justice Party". We need to live as humans. What did the parents who lost their children do? What did the children do to be killed under the wheels of a train that their ripped organs be collected by their families? 
You have to settle an account with each one responsible for such neglect; you have to give greater concern to the Egyptian citizen and his needs. We demand that you should bring such neglect in all means of transportation to an end. We're in bad need to safety, which is the least that you should do to prove you care for us, as you're indeed the one responsible for all of that.
To the government, I say enough is enough. You'd better resign now before you're dismissed. Finally, I offer my condolences to all Egyptians who have lost their children.