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  • Monday ,19 November 2012

Sinai/ Gaza

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Monday ,19 November 2012

Sinai/ Gaza

 Once again after I had finished my weekly article about CONFUSION in the Egyptian STREES I’m in the obligation towards the current EVENTS to talk again about Sinai clearly and bolt I had said it a lot of times before the TARGET is Sinai warning about it I guess it has come to the execution time now!

Let us start from the beginning to the best of my recollection the Arab World and the entire world are seriously and deeply concerned about what is going in Syria. Is it because the operations and dictatorship of Bashar El Assad or purring oil on the hot ashes from Muslim Brotherhood [MB] this is not my subject for now I just point out this critical time in Syria’s future while the entire world is trying to save lives and stop the blood shed we see more bloods but a stupid attack with TOY ROCKETS of range no more than 17 Km locally fabricated by Hamas! Why NOW?!

This Toy Rockets hit not only Jews people but as well CHILDREN giving the excuse of a full range attack in retaliation! Secret services targeted and ELIMINATED the top Kassam Leader – OR Hamas military wing – and hell gates had opened not on Jews but Gaza people while the leaders or Hamas hide in their bankers away from Israel’s fire power! Israeli rockets USA fabricated long range and capable to carry Nuclear bombs would fight against TOY ROCKETS of Hamas or the ones taken from the Iranian supports a little better in their range that Israeli forces CRIPPLED!

The Entire world is observing the developments giving full rights to Israel to defend it self from TERRORISTS attacks of Hamas! They can not impose a cease fire as they see Israel is responding to Hamas attacks that once again I wonder why NOW on this crucial time –in Syrian conflict!- and here is the answer:-

1.       Hamas lunches rockets on Israel

2.       Israel retaliates

3.       Gaza people are suffering

4.       Our president in his weekly prayer in the mosque and his usual speeches full of enthusiasm decides he would never abandon Gaza people ignoring Camp David peace treaty that the MB assassinated ex-president Anwar El Sadat signed stating to let the 1973 October war be the last and replace wars with TALKS!

Obviously this well plotted plan between Dr.M. –our imposed president not fairly elected- and Hamas and ISRAEL as well with the blessings of USA supervising the whole matter and here comes the other question what is for every body?

1.       Egyptian Sinai borders with Gaza widely opened to SAVE Gaza people LIVES!!!

2.       Gaza people get Sinai

3.       Israel in developing his attack makes a ground attack on abandoned Gaza Strip and extends its territories occupying Gaza!

4.       Dr. M. gets Hamas support as Egyptian MB population can not stand alone the dismay of Egyptian street people who start discovering MB lies and dictatorship!

The invasion of MB to Egypt with Hamas and Kasam and other MB forces starts and good bye to Egypt!

We risk as well an irrational decision from Dr. M. –as he already did it a lot of times in different occasions- and while the conflict of Israel with Hamas escalates he sends forces or declare the war on Israel which brings back in my mind the May 1967 events which trapped our ex-ex-President Nasser upon Israeli attacks on Goulan Heights; Full of enthusiasm Nasser decided to through Israel in the sea under-estimating the Enemy power that took Sinai in a few hours! Is that what Dr. M. is after?

In a similar situation ex-President Hossny Moubarak few years back he escalated diplomatic efforts called for Arab conference and gave support to Gaza people without opening the borders with Gaza that Hamas terrorists tried to demolish and attacked even our security officers there! Moreover he did put pressure on Israel taking back his Ambassador in Tell Aviv and threatening to cut of diplomatic relations if attack on Gaza continues, he knew what he was doing way better than Dr. M. who escalates MB enthusiasm with Safouat who did his best in the Tahrir Square on Friday after prayers and Dr. M. speech they thought Tahrir Square was Tell Aviv of may be Jerusalem!

As a final say on this matter I wish to point out to whom does not know that all Arab Countries –except Syria- depends on the west including USA in their weapons supply which is mostly defensive weapons not offensive and if a war escalates against USA will those armies can not keep fighting for more than a few days with defensive weapons!

Dr. M. God Bless you keep destroying Egypt but I wish to remind you Egypt is BLESSED by God!!