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  • Thursday ,15 November 2012

How to make your people ignorant?

Susan Ibrahim Abdul Sayed

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Thursday ,15 November 2012

How to make your people ignorant?
After a typical day of a full time job, most fathers have their dinner with their families and watch television. Usually, they watch their favorite talk shows or a nice movie before they go to bed.
This is what most families do in Egypt and in many countries all over the world. Imagine a French father spending his night watching a talk show hosting a man who threat to demolish the Eiffel Tower as it contradicts  his own believes! Imagine an American father finds a talk show hosting a criminal inciting killing a great writer, or a man who justifies raping children! Of course hundreds of people would sue those channels for threatening the national security. Of course, governors will do their best to prevent such insane. However, in Egypt we are different as such terrorists are chosen to be our new celebrities who are repetitively hosted in all private and public TV channels!
Strangely enough, many television presenters host such people claiming they reveal their fanaticism, ignoring that more than 50% of the Egyptians are illiterate and may not be able to identify that such ideas is a sort of insane and terrorism, and it's hard to be rejected especially if this comes in the name of religion.
If television presenters respect freedom of speech, they should rather host experts and scholars of Al-Azhar, the great moderate Islamic institute, in order to respond to such insane.
Additionally, such statements may cause many problems in the future as the fanatics have started with the ancient Egyptian antiquities, but they won't stop there and will reach anybody and anything that is different from them.
The situation is very serious and is considered a crime against the whole nation that can not be tolerated. We have tolerated a lot of losses after the revolution hoping that we'll have a better life. Unfortunately, nothing has changed to a better situation, but all we've got is more poverty, lack of security, and insane. 
What happens now is but a prescription to make our people ignorant. Fanatics keep repeating their ideas in the name of religion, which many Egyptians may believe in. Mubarak's regime has scared us by the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood, and now Muslim Brotherhood are scaring us by the fanatic Salafis who call for destroying Pharonic antiquities. In all cases Egyptians are the one who pay for this political game and the price is really expensive.