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  • Wednesday ,14 November 2012

Demolition of the Pyramids and the Sphinx

Jack Attalla

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Wednesday ,14 November 2012

Demolition of the Pyramids and the Sphinx

 A jihadi sheikh appeared on Dream 2, the private Egyptian TV channel, calling for destroying the Pyramids and Sphinx with no reaction taken by the president or the government. The news was televised all over the world, but president Morsy has ignored it completely as if he agrees with this jihadi sheikh. I wonder: Are Salafis trying to incite a world war by all means including destroying the Pyramids that is the heritage of all mankind?

This comes after the association of victims of forced abduction has announced that the total number of abducted minor girls had exceeded five hundred, while the total number of abducted women may exceed 5000, in addition to the men who convert into Islam along with their families in order to get rid of many problems or to get divorce, which is prevented by the Coptic Orthodox Church. 
Islamists have announced they are going to destroy the Pyramids and Sphinx which they claim are worshipped by the Egyptians! In fact, the Pyramids and the Sphinx are one of the reasons many Egyptians are still alive by supporting the tourism that Islamists are trying to destroy by all means including terrorism, attacking the churches, defamation of Christianity, insulting the Copts and incite racial hatred, abductions and raping the Coptic minor girls, forced displacement of the poor Coptic Christians supported by the government and the president.
We're fed up with this government and this president who is in fact a fugitive criminal that won the presidential election with fraud supported by many countries including USA, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in order to give Sinai to the Jews and Hamas and solve their problems by giving them the Egyptian lands.
After the news was televised about a call to destroying the Pyramids and the Sphinx, there was not even a single report against such crime to arrest this criminal. I know that this sheikh won't even be arrested just like no one has been judged for the demolition of the Bamyan Buddhas in March 2001 in Afghanistan. They have destroyed the Buddhist civilization, and totally refuse a slow anti-Islam movie!
Today, we call the world to stop this insane acts and statements by imposing sort of international protection for the Egyptian antiquities, which is mankind's heritage. Why doesn't the Security Council take an action against such Islamic government that's trying to prosecute the Coptic Christians by all means? The state has not held a single trial for those who have been attacking the Christians, churches and their property! Yet it held many trials with ultra speed judgments against the Christians.
Salafis and Muslim Brotherhood have decided to take the problems to the next level by demolishing the Pyramids and the Sphinx and I believe that the international community is only helping them by taking no reaction, which will lead at the end to a religious war supported by Iran and the Gulf countries, which may lead to the end of the civilized world giving the current economic surroundings.