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  • Tuesday ,06 November 2012

Liberals and the next battle

Osama Noshi

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Tuesday ,06 November 2012

Liberals and the next battle

 If those who support the civil current in Egypt want to be strong on the Egyptian political scene, they will have to chnage their way a little bit. They have to work on the ground with the poor like those who belong to the Islamic current. However the Islamic current trade on relgion and incite sectarian incidents as well, civil current can work on the ground to prove they are not the enimies of God, as the Islamic current claim. Simple man in the street tends to be moderate concerning religion while the Islamists are but extremists, which may be useful for the civil current in the future.

After the revolution, many people sympathized with the Islamists who suffered a lot under the former regime, but now Islamists are trying to sieze all authoirities ignoring all other political parties, just like the former regime. They became in power and are expected to have many solutions for the problems of Egypt by their supporters, but it looks like they don't.
So, civil currents have to give great concern to working on the ground leaving the Islamists to show off till all their weaknesses are revealed  before their supporters who will either believe in them more or destroy them.
The civil current has its effective tools as well. It can concentrate on religious tolerance and the importance of human freedoms and rights which are totally violated by the religious fanatics.
The civil current may concentrate on social justice, improving the economic resources, fighting against poverty and unemployment, which are at the top priorty of many parties agendas from differnt currents, but it's all about who is able to really achieve them.
I beleive that civil currnets and librals can do a lot during the upcoming elections after the religious currents have lost a lot of supporters, but they need  to work more on the ground.