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  • Friday ,02 November 2012

Bishop Moussa, think it over!

Zakaria Ramzy

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Friday ,02 November 2012

Bishop Moussa, think it over!

Abba Moussa, Bishop of Youth said in al-Shorouk newspaper that he refuses the attempts of Evangelical Community to snatch the Coptic Orthodox young people. He was talking about the annual festival hosted by the Evangelical community in “the house of the valley”, which was attended by thousands of young people of all Christian denominations. I think it was a weird statement by the Bishop of Youth who is known to be a wise man in my Coptic Orthodox Church.

Dear Abba Moussa, we need to know why many Coptic Orthodox young people choose to attend the meetings of the Evangelical Community. I wonder: Have the Church leaders considered this question? or they're busy thinking about politics and positions?
Jesus Christ has traveled for long distance to save the Samaritan woman, and has been always seeking the lost sheep everywhere. However, do you know that many families are wasted because of neglect? I tell Your Holiness that many young people who belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church have been seeking tenderness that wasn't to be found in your church, but in the Evangelical Community. Unfortunately, the found many things are prohibited in your church, but in the Evangelical Community they found tenderness, attention and prayers in awe, which are very hard to be found in our Coptic Orthodox Church.
Unfortunately, nepotism is everywhere in our Church. Do you know that thousands of Pope Shenouda lovers were only hoping to kiss his hands once, but they were prevented while allowing many others of your mates and friends along with their families to take pictures with him all the time. Do you know, Your Holiness, that many families and young people have nobody from the church to pay them a visit, especially if they are poor families? Do you know that many of your children who attend the meetings of the Evangelical Community have suffered a lot in your Church first?
Though it's harsh, I'll continue talking as the reason behind such tragedy are the leaders of the Church themselves. Do you know that It's too hard to meet with Your Holiness though you always say that your office is open before all. Do you know as the bishop responsible for the youth that thousands of Coptic Christians are doing drugs and you are responsible for them before God? Do you know that all your churches suffer from many conflicts that affect its congregation badly? Our people are in bad need of the tenderness of our bishops and priests.
Do you know, Your Holiness, that those who attended the annual festival hosted by the Evangelical community in “the house of the valley” are more than 13 thousands; half of them belong to our Coptic Orthodox Church! But they enjoy praying in other churches than yours, or they even go there just because you prevent this!
Your Holiness, you should advise the Orthodox servants and priests to think it over and wonder: Why our youth are attending the meetings of the Evangelical Community? Will we ever find the churches all over the world and in Egypt as Jesus Christ has always wanted them: One holy catholic and apostolic church? Why don't we gather, fast and pray for such great goal which will lead us to be such light for the whole world.
The Coptic Orthodox Church is our mother church that taught us all about Christianity including the holy secrets and the great hymns, and we hope it lives forever. Thus, we have to give great concern to the talents given to us by God. We have to think it over in order to restore our spirituality as well as our youth.