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  • Tuesday ,30 October 2012

Church plays Shenouda speeches as Copts vote for 3 papal finalists

Michael Maher Aziz

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Tuesday ,30 October 2012

Church plays Shenouda speeches as Copts vote for 3 papal finalists

 Each time I surf the internet seeking the latest Coptic news, I feel sad as I read about many Coptic movements and coalitions, as well as Coptic activists who issue many statements. I wonder: why do we have all those Coptic activists? And why couldn't they provide solutions for our problems as Copts? 

If fact, having too many coalitions and movements was harmful for the Coptic cause as it has scattered the Copts instead of making them united. They create many political coalitions and movements which issue many statements that only represent them and not the Coptic Christians! I think that they have three motivations to do so including: Showmanship, personal benefits and financial gains. 
Concerning showmanship: most people like showmanship and being famous. And many Copts could benefit from the Coptic cause to appear on TVs and being famous. Yet, they really do nothing on the ground.
Personal benefits: many of them have won some personal benefits like immigrating to other countries or getting some official position.
Others received financial gains like the financial support of human rights institutions as well as the money from the TV channels that they appear on.
Dear brothers, Egypt needs us to dedicate our lives to solve its problems under one umbrella because having so many coalitions and movements won't help, but on the contrary, it will weaken the Copts. Coptic activists are fighting each other on fame and glory which is totally unacceptable.
Our Coptic cause really needs our consecration and full-time work. It should not be like sort of public work, or entertainment on Facebook or Twitter. Struggle should be through organized work by all the Coptic Christians. We should reconsider the cause and rethink and decide what we are going to do for our country and our church. Let's consider the consecration of Gandhi and Nelson Mandela who dedicated their lives for their cases and became godfathers for millions of activists all over the world.
We need no more Coptic movements or coalitions, but rather we need to integrate those movements into a single political institution that represents the Copts, or else we are wasting our time.