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  • Thursday ,25 October 2012

Egypt's Copts coalition denounce Constituent Assembly

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Thursday ,25 October 2012

Egypt's Copts coalition denounce Constituent Assembly

The Coalition of Egypt Copts, a Christian rights organisation, stated on Wednesday that they are backing political forces to oust the Islamist dominated Constituent Assembly in charge of drafting the constitution.

The coalition stressed they will not compromise their demand to ensure a civil constitution that would ensure equality and freedom among all Egyptians to help build a democratic society.
The coalition further stated the Constituent Assembly is flawed from the very start, and there have been attempts within to exclude certain currents from being present within the assembly; they added, however, Egyptians are well aware of that.
The current Constituent Assembly faces criticism from liberal and leftist observers similar to the previous assembly, claiming the Constituent Assembly to be dominated by Islamist parties and not representative of the country's social and political diversity.
Several lawsuits had been filed challenging the legality of the Constituent Assembly after the HCC in June rendered the People's Assembly, the body that chose members of the constitution writing committee, unconstitutional.
Egypt's Coptic community is estimated to account for about 10-15 per cent of the total population of 85 million.