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  • Wednesday ,24 October 2012

Aswan governor resigns after protests

By-Almasry Alyoum

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Wednesday ,24 October 2012

Aswan governor resigns after protests

 Aswan Governor Mostafa al-Sayed resigned Tuesday morning after a month-long campaign by a large number of local activists demanding his removal.

Revolutionary forces in Aswan had long raised concerns about the governor's ties to the regime of erstwhile President Hosni Mubarak, accusing him of corruption and supporting the formerly ruling National Democratic Party.
Dozens had staged a sit-in outside the governorate’s building on Monday, moving from Durrat al-Nil park where they previously held a month-long sit-in. They denounced President Mohamed Morsy's disregard for their demands after he responded to similar calls by the citizens of Marsa Matrouh and appointed a new governor there.
Sayed had served in his post since April 2008, and previously served as assistant to the armed forces’ chief of staff. He took part in the Six Days War and the 1973 War. He had obtained honorary medals for his time in military service.