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  • Friday ,12 October 2012

Important for the Copts

Gamal Gurgis El Mazahim

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Friday ,12 October 2012

Important for the Copts

October 9th is a very significant date in which we remember the Coptic Christian martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our Coptic issue. Those martyrs were crushed by the armored vehicles of their national army and its bullets in an unforgettable crime against the Coptic Christians as well as the revolution of January 25 committed by the Egyptian army.

October 9th is a call for unity for all Coptic Christians and those who are concerned about their cause, including intellectuals, lawyers, journalists, activists, clergy and Coptic satellite channels. All of them should unite in order to get the rights of the 27 martyrs of Maspero.

Therefore, I call Dr. Samir Morkos, the presidential advisor, lawyers: Ehab Ramzy, Naguib Gebrael, Mamdouh Ramzi, Mamdouh Nakhla. In addition to Kamal Zakher, Coptic thinker, Father Fliopater Gamil and Father Matthias Nasr, Father Morcos Aziz. the activist Samuel Ashay, and many others who work inside Egypt to unite.

Of the Coptic Diaspora I invite, Bahaa Ramzy, Sameh Sourial, John Sedrak, Esam Ebid from the Coptic-Dutch body, Dr. Shetewy Abdallah, head of the Coptic-Swedish body, Farid Bekhiet, head of Kimi organization, Medhat Kelada, head of the Coptic Organizations Union in Europe, Dr. Awad Shafik, head of the international law firm, Kamal Abdul Nour, Hosny Babawy, Ragay Wiliam of Austria and Gamal Potrous from Germany, and Dr. Ibrahim Habib, head of Copts United Britain, Hana Hana. artist Shafik Potrous, the Coptic activist Kamiel Halim, in addtion to Coptic satellite channels such as The Road, headed by Dr. Joseph Nasrallah, C-Copts, and CTV to unite at the same goal as well.

There are many Copts who work for the good of our beloved country, Egypt. However, a year has passed with no trial for anybody. Therefore, I demand a trial for Field Marshal Mohammed Husein Tantawy, former head of the SCAF and all his involved assistants.

Coptic blood is priceless, and everybody wants President Mohammed Morsy to fulfill his promises and judge the killers of our children. I wonder, How come 27 young man is killed with nobody being judged for more than a year! We won't forget about those martyrs, whom God is saying about their blood: The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground!