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  • Friday ,05 October 2012

Sheikh Abu Islam and children of "Ezbet Marco"!

Gergis Wahib

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Friday ,05 October 2012

Sheikh Abu Islam and children of

 I can assure you that the revolution has reached all kinds of failures. It allowed religious currents in power, which proved to be even worse than the former regime concerning suppression, marginalization of opponents calling them “infidels”.

Moreover, it has led to social and economical failure that no one can deny. It made them suffer from shortage in their basic needs such as gas, diesel and gasoline that they can't find any more.
The great failure of the revolution comes because of the double standards of the law in Egypt. I'll mention two incidents that happened recently to prove my point of view: On one hand, during the demonstrations against the anti-Islam movie in front of the U.S. Embassy, Sheik Abu Islam was photographed while tearing the Holy Bible apart in front of everybody, and he even takes bride in such act! This man is walking freely in the streets insulting Christianity everywhere, and state can do nothing to him as he is a Muslim man!
On the other hand, Fashen prosecution in Beni Suef has decided last Sunday to send two illiterate children, Nabil Nady Rizk (10 years old) and Mina Nady Farag (9 years old) to reformatory as they are being judged for defamation of Islamic religion because a torn Quran was found with them!  Their parents explained that children were searching in the trash for something useful as they are really poor, when they found that torn book, which they didn't know it's Quran. However, those Coptic Christian illiterate poor children were sent to reformatory, while the old educated man, who was photographed and confessed he did so, is absolutely free walking and insulting Christianity!!
“Defamation of Islam” has become the magic word to send any Coptic Christian to prison, and at the same time, attacking the Copts, as well as their property and churches are completely ignored by the authorities!
Consequently if we ask: What happened to those who demolished and burned the churches of Atfih, Impapap, Al-Marinab? What happened to those who killed the Coptic Christians of Maspero and Saints Church? The answer is: nothing!! Why? Because those Christens are priceless, the new governors say. Now, we may thank the “blessed” revolution that made those fanatics in power.
Such serious attack on the Coptic Christians should be stopped by law, which should get rid of its double standards concerning the religion of the criminal. Moderate Muslims should stand against such acts to prevent Egypt from being another Afghanistan or Pakistan, especially as the most notorious terrorists who were the disciples of Osama bin Laden, after President Morcy had set them free! Stop such extremism that will destroy everything starting with the Coptic Christians ending up with the moderate Muslims and Egypt.