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  • Thursday ,04 October 2012

Muslim and Christian leaders denounce violence

by Girgis Tawfik

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Thursday ,04 October 2012

Muslim and Christian leaders denounce violence

Muslim and Christian leaders participating in "non-violence" seminar, organized yesterday by the Anglican Communion in De La Salle school in Cairo, have denounce all forms of violence spread in the Egyptian community. They have also agreed that violence is now practiced in the name of religion.

The seminar was attended by Rev. Dr. Safwat Bayaadi, head the Anglican Communion, Abba Raphael, General Bishop of Downtown churches, Sheik Ibrahim Reda, Professor at Al-Azhar university, Michael Gerrard, the Vatican ambassador in Cairo, and artist Dalia Beheiri, Goodwill Ambassador, who called both Christian and Muslim leaders to produce a movie to confound the anti-Islam movie.