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  • Thursday ,04 October 2012

Woman Seeks Chairmanship of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

by RIA Novosti

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Thursday ,04 October 2012

Woman Seeks Chairmanship of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Sabah al-Sakkari, a female activist of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), is running to replace outgoing party chairman Mohammed Morsi, the current Egyptian president, Al Arabiya reported on Wednesday.

Asked about possible presidential ambitions, Sakkari said she would not mind running for the presidency if the Freedom and Justice party nominated her.
“It is also important that the culture of the society changes so that people can accept a female president.”
Sakkari said that if she becomes the FJP chairwoman, she will not make unilateral decisions and will always consult other members of the party.
In response to reports that a woman from the Muslim Brotherhood has to seek her husband’s approval before assuming any political position, Sakkari pointed out the difference between approval and consultation.
“I would never run for or assume any position without telling my husband, but in this case I consult him rather than seek his permission, as long as he initially approved my work in politics.”
Sakkari is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The mother of four is married to a professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine