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  • Monday ,01 October 2012

Sinai Again

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,01 October 2012

Sinai Again

 For the third consecutive time I find myself in the obligation to write about Sinai! I still can not see any improvement out there, some lack of security and still the third invisible party doing what it always had done, still Invisible -thou it is very VISIBLE- and still unknown!

Upon the revolution of 25th January and the following months in the absence of the police forces and other security services thugs and outlaws reigned no one to chase them no responsible to account for the lack of security. Police and Central Security Internal Security force and Rioting Police all kinds of security forces become absent either by orders from leadership officers, or lack of leadership after the minister of interior was officially accused with the sabotage of new year eve 1911 in Alexandria.
Whatever the reasons were the bottom line no security forces of any kind what so ever and no law no order was the norm for months! Now we do have a president a government and a minister of interior police forces and lots of president Guards safeguarding Dr. Morsy even inside the mosques and still  see no law and no order is the norm!
Upon the attack of last August / Ramadan which caused the death of 16 brave solders while they were breaking their Ramadan fasting who knows if they ever had the chance to eat or died fasting still; Dr. Mosry took upon his own responsibility the operations at Sinai he clearly announced that the day he forced the retirement of Tantawy, he said “I personally supervise the operation in Sinai”!
These operations did some action we had all seen it then went under cover for the usual security and secrecy reasons that should cover up any Army movements in an operation; however it was not a secret to see the armed forces withdrawal, and it was not a secret to announce on the BBC this was not a retreat but a reorganisation and redistribution of the forces!
The few announcements later on like the DNA results of the bodies Israel rendered to the Egyptian authorities after the attack, the uncovered facts that some of the recently released prisoners under the pardon of Dr. Morsy were involved in this attack were not news but delayed on purpose announcements so that the public thinks they are still active and doing some secret operations which were put on a complete halt. 
But why? Is it an urgent desire to give MB absolute total grip of Sinai? If yes then WHY? Is it to have a base ready to enter and control Cairo and the whole of Egypt? Let us look carefully at the events down there unknown forces that still third invisible party which is very visible and very much known or traceable and if true desire to get them they can be traced seized and put in jail within few days of not few hours but no real desire to do so WHY again?
Are they there to scare the crap out of the few left over Christians in Sinai? Twenty whole families reduced to NINE and were asked for security reasons – their own security – to leave Rafah and go elsewhere until security is re-established? News 2-3 days ago said:-
“Copts in the North Sinai border town of Rafah have started leaving their homes after receiving an ultimatum from Islamists to leave "within 48 hours" or be killed. According to confirmed reports 9 Coptic families have left the town. The remaining 23 Coptic families are still there, waiting to leave. "it is difficult for us to leave as most of us are shop-owners and have property, so it is not easy just to leave everything and go," said one Copt who is still with his family in Rafah. The Copts are all confined to their homes, afraid to venture out.
However, two days ago. masked men on motorcycles sprayed Coptic stores with bullets, but no one was hurt.”
The fact is without any investigations or trying to get news in a friendly gathering talking of every thing I got this news from someone who lives and has a family in Rafah and this fellow friend happens to be Christian he was the first to tell me months ago how stolen goods and vehicles go straight to Rafah then through the tunnels to Gaza! Something local authorities should know but close their eyes for a reason!
Back to this old / new piece of news 9 families for Rafah were advised to leave their houses temporally or forever until their security is established! I do not accept this reasons for a simple fact, once you force someone to leave his own house and go live elsewhere he did lost his belonging! Can you imagine a country in a war his Armed Forces defending the country ask the people of this country to leave their houses and the country for their own safety and security?! 
Do you believe that any of those migrated people would fight ans sacrifice to defend this country? What would had been the situation if the Governor of Port Said upon the war of 1956 had asked people of Port Said to leave town for their own security and safety?
I do not even wish to think of such a situation but asking threatened people to leave for their security from whom are supposed to be responsible of their security looks to me exactly the same!When the Christian families of Rafah received threatening letters and went to the police for protection the response is leave your house until we establish security? What the hell what are they doing why they get paid end of the month for doing WHAT is security is absent until who knowns when?
Events are being repeated from Amereya to Badrashine now Rafah families forced to move activists and human rights protest something happens or not bottom line when the the police, local authorities the government and the PRESIDENT who is supposed to be the president of ALL EGYPTIANS will put and end to this repeated event by accounting the aggressors and punishing them as long as this goes without proper punishment BY LAW this will be repeated forever!
Another issue rises too this personal war the president himself was supervising in Sinai is it over with a defeat of the Egyptian forces and the THIRD INVISIBLE PARTY tuning Sinai in to an Islamic state and cutting it of Egypt or may be Dr. Morsy sympathises with them being related to his favourite party BM and closing his eyes on their acts? Is it the thugs, outlaws and black market gangsters or just Kasam and Hamas fighters who where hosted in Egypt are trying to take over this part of Egypt? Remember they did not just attack Christian Egyptians they did attack and kill 16 of our Muslim solders and their atrocities in Sinai are way more than any resistance to Israel for the freedom of Palestine the curtain they cover underneath it for their own personal interests!