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  • Thursday ,20 September 2012

A due Apology

Samy Nabil

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Thursday ,20 September 2012

A due Apology

As a Coptic Christian, I’d like to begin with an apology to my Muslim friends in Egypt who were offended by that insulting movie for Islam and Prophet Mohammed. All respectful Christians in Egypt share my apology for the acts of some Copts in the Diaspora who don’t represent us and keep making troubles.

I also salute every rational Muslim who understood what happened and the reason behind that movie to be showed at that very time! This movie is produced by a number of Jews with some non-religious Americans. 
Unfortunately, I think we are only taking revenge from ourselves and from our brethren. We attacked our policemen who did nothing and ruined our police cars as well as police stations that we had paid for it from our tax money. Many people may benefit from such acts, but certainly not us!
Other people have decided to attack the American Embassy to burn its flag and steal it like what happened in Yemen thinking they are punishing America this way. In fact, this movie is only representing the ideas of its makers, and not a certain religion, country or government. 
Furthermore, this movie has insulted Islam and claimed it encourages violence and terrorism, and we have proved this idea by so much burning and killing.
In Libya, they killed the American Ambassador who was just doing his job there and living in peace with his family! We were supposed to talk to America through him, but we simply killed him!
This is how politics works, and we can also use other effective ways like economic boycott which made Denmark apologize in less than a week during a previous crisis.
I wonder: where is president Morsy or Saudi Arabia from such crisis. America has to protect its Embassies as well as diplomats, but I really liked what happened in England as 110.000 copies of English Quran were distributed in order to make people understand what Islam is. 
Learning is the way to develop our country and not insulting the others like what some sheiks do such as Wagdy Ghoniem who insults the Christian priests and dogma, as well as the one who incited burning the bible…etc. Many satellite channels give such people the chance to incite a sectarian strife, but nobody stops them!
I just wanted to apologize and say that some people allow their anger to destroy their own brothers and properties!