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  • Monday ,20 August 2012

Egypt as a Deal

John Alfy

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Monday ,20 August 2012

Egypt as a Deal

I did not wish to see my country in such condition. However, thinking about the successive events in Egypt recently, I can describe what's happening now. I was decieved, like many people, thinking that the Supreme Council of Armed Forces is facing Muslim Brotherhood making the due balance. But, it came to pass that SCAF was simply dissolved leaving power between the hands of MB on one simple condition; their own saftey.


Everything happened in closed rooms between two parties looking for their own interests. MB wants Egypt, while SCAF members want their own saftey. Murbarak was to sit in such room, he would have got Collar of the Nile and have been enjoying his time in Sharm al-Sheik with his family.
SCAF was smarter than Mubarak to learn the lesson of Tahrir Square which is totally controlled by Muslim Brotherhood. SCAF has put his own conditions in the complementary Constitutional declaration, which made a hero of Morsy after he had canceled it. All of this for the sake of a comfortable retirement away from prosecution for SCAF members. Furthermore, MB had changed its position and opinions many times as they only care for their own interests.
MB is ready to destroy all those who are against them, knowing that thousands of ignorant people are ready to describe any catastrophic decision of MB as a miracle or at least a smart one! Moreover, MB talks about democracy in the morning, and puts its opponents in prison at the evening! 
Many people are going to support them despite millions of Dollars received from Qatar for no good reason declared, giving amnesty to those who are described by the judiciary as terrorists and were put to prison, and appoint an inexperienced person as a Prime Minister. 
Egypt now is simply a deal for MB. However, Egypt will remain much greater than those who use their money and power to achieve their own interests using the name of Egypt as a cover for their decisions taken in the office of the General Guide.