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  • Thursday ,16 August 2012

Morsy asks Defense Minister to consider army pay raise

By-Almasry Alyoum

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Thursday ,16 August 2012

Morsy asks Defense Minister to consider army pay raise

 President Mohamed Morsy asked Defense Minister Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to explore raising the wages of armed forces personnel and officers, a source within the presidential office told state-run MENA news agency Tuesday.

President Morsy vowed before assuming power to solve the problems of retired armed forces personnel and to give them their rights, after “the ousted regime sacked their rights like all other state institutions.”
He also stressed that “the armed forces deserve rights including high wages and health care like all other members of society such as scientific professionals, doctors, teachers and workers.”
Morsy’s move came two days after he dismissed the country's two top generals and canceled the supplement to the Constitutional Declaration. Reuters called the move “dramatic,” projecting “a backlash from a Mubarak-era establishment.”
Raising the wages of armed forces personnel and officers may be an attempt at appeasing the remaining generals.
Besides removing both generals Sunday, Morsy appointed Sisi as the new defense minister, Mahmoud Mekky as his vice president, and Sidqy Sobhy as the new army chief of staff.
In June, Morsy decided to implement a 15 percent social allowance increase for government employees and the 15 percent increase for civilian and military pensioners.