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  • Monday ,13 August 2012

Politics and Democracy Under MB

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,13 August 2012

Politics and Democracy Under MB

Last week I briefly talked about parties and In Egypt we have so many of them appear by night, and a party needs to have objectives clearly announced and different from any other existing party, I would say they all have a modified copy with some sentences changed to give the impression they are different than X, Y or Z but no real objective than a sit in the parliament, why for more income and prestige, this person is an MP and can do any  thing! 

Note: MP is for Member of Parliament!
We saw few days after the revolution while an officer was trying to do his job in the traffic jam was assaulted viciously by the SON of AN EXPECTED TO BE MP!! 
He is not MP yet and his son is already in his own prestige!! No one can talk to him or else his father will take him behind the scenes!
Parties in Egypt since the Saad Zagloul Wafd are not any more real parties they try to use the history of El Wafd and have nothing to do with its principals!
With the uprising call for a stand up on August 24th against MB -Muslim Brotherhood- we still see the TAGAMO Party which means gathering party not decided yet to join is this the way of gathering Egyptians of dividing them obviously lots of its members will refuse to join foces on 24th and when ready the 24th people will return the favor and will leave him alone protesting and all voices goes in vain facing the unity and fierce of MB!
Egyptians after long era of dictatorship can not yet see democracy or feel any improvement MB is enforcing its views in an unprecedented way not even seen in the worst periods of other dictators; TV channels being seized and stopped, newspapers confiscated absolute respect for Morsy as president should be forced or else you are disrespecting him you go to jail, it is not a matter of differences of opinions but it become disrespect not PURE DEMOCRACY AND DIFFERENT OPINIONS!!
The respectful new Prime Minister -I'm respecting him not cursing him or disrespecting him- and asking him a simple question here : -
Question : Had you ever consider preservation in power consumption requires first to provide this service then ask people to be considerate?
I hope the site will not be seized because if this question!!!
I had pointed out in lots of groups on facebook I was invited in and never asked to be a member that democracy would never be achieved under a narrow minded religious system.
Before the revolution when ex-minister of internal affairs requested the parliament approval of emergency laws ensuring that they are for terrorists and will be applied only on outlaws … the parliament agreed and I wondered then :- How can we aprouve such a law if there is a law all ready in place deals with such cases moreover who can grant me I#ll not be accused as a terrorist at any time for any reason... NO ONE PAID ATTENTION!!
Our problem is we read a lot but do not think properly if X said there is a conspiracy we all agree and start building theories around this assumption – NOT FACT – if someone call for a private reason to follow a certain group or party we all say AMEN without further analysis but here let me re-iterate parties are there to serve the country not its creators, parties role is inside the parliament not on the turmoil of the political street, I had said it long time ago and I say it over :-
I do not believe in politicians or politics in general cause all politicians have their own agendas and use the country and it future for their own profit!
Let us take a closer look at the No country in the world USA, for decades and decades what their presidents accomplished for America...Nixon with his famous Watergate scandal put his party to deep troubles not even his resignation solved! Ronald Regan and his famous set back when he tried to attack Iran and technical incapacities exposed him at ground before moving, George Bush  and SON with Iraq one participated in the creation of a monster of TERRORISM the other failed to eradicate it but his war in Iraq eradicated him after being assaulted with a simple journalist shoes!
Bottom line here Americans and their policies are not failure proof here they failed before and if really there was a conspiracy on Egypt and its future does not mean their conspiracy has to succeed they failed before and if they did really plot and planed for Egypt's future in any way then they will fail cause Egyptians are not all muttons and mindless!
We can see around us all over in the middle east the Arab Spring of Mrs Clinton is nothing but MB efforts to excite oppressed people under any ruling system to revolt and once a revolution is there they jump on the occasion like they did with the Egyptian revolution. 
This started years ago in Lebanon and led to a long long civil war that was pure craziness, we saw every one killing every one in that long war... Lebanese fought Palestinians that tried to invade Lebanon then fight developed in Lebanese fighting Israel, fighting Muslim Lebanese and Christian Lebanese and Palestinians you name it and after years of fight and International efforts war ended but the big MB nail remained called Hizboula recently branded as TERRORISTS!
This Hizboula, tried to excite Egyptians against Hosny Mubarak system upon Egypt's stance on Israel continuous bombarding of Gaza when Hamas was created! They asked Egyptians including myself to stand against  our president who refused to assume Qatar Arabic Conference that included with the legal Palestinian system Hamas and Iran, and here let me wonder since when IRAN was included in the ARAB WORLD? 
Back to Hizboula contacting me through a group to condemn out own presided  -regardless of the 25th January revolution- then he was a symbol of Egypt that I  as an Egyptian would respect and accept no foreign interference like Hizboula I said to the Admin of that group … HANDS OF EGYPT AND OUR PRESIDENT WE ARE NOT LEBANON !!
I assume like I was contacted then and gone in the corners of forgetting the event other certainly were contacted and without further thinking might had become the initiators of that 25th January revolution and same in Tunis and Libya then Yemen and Syria they ignite the uprising -MB- and stand there near by to jump on the revolution they did succeed in Tunis and Egypt and failed in Libya and still on their way in Syria and other countries is it a coincidence or PLAN?!
If it is really a plan to create a major Islamic state from end to end in middle east who is supporting it USA? It was said yes and Mrs Clinton wasted to time to show her support to newly sited president -not elected but given the sit!- but we all know and see Iran hands with MB passing on arms and artillery powerful enough to demolish the whole of Egypt not just few protesters against MB ruling! 
The questions here are :- Does Iran and USA know they are both supporting MB is it an Irano-American plot or each is on his own and side under the table deals rule them all not knowing the flexibility of lies of MB that never respects or keeps his word to any one? What would be the stance of Iran or USA once realized what they were promised is not  going to happen?
I leave the answers to those questions for the future when more is uncovered and as a final closing statement about the 24th of August stance which I hope it happens and succeeds I would say to those that hope the army would join forces with the public demands …
Do not expect the UN-expected if army was to take over in hands power that they never gave up they had 100 + 1 reasons not only to take away the president but to put in JAIL if they did not so far it is for unknown to me reasons so just be on your own and God Bless You and Bless Egypt!!