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  • Thursday ,09 August 2012

Stop Lying, it is Forced Displacement!

Rami Kamel

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Thursday ,09 August 2012

Stop Lying, it is Forced Displacement!

When Yasser Ali, the official spokesman of the presidential office, announced that the Copts of Dahshur have not suffered from forced displacement, and they have chosen to leave the village willingly, I was really confused. I know the international laws very well and no body said that forced displacement is only happens when somebody holds your clothes and throw you out of your home! one of the definitions of forced displacement as mentioned in Rome Convention is to forcibly transfer population from the area in which they live. Another definition in the dictionary is the expulsion which is exactly what happened, and using violence after attacking the houses of the Copts. They were forced to leave the village and their lives were really in danger.

Those, who claim there was no forced displacement, are liars trying to cover this crime of religious intolerance. After Moaz, the Muslim man, was killed, 3 Copts were arrested and are being judged, however, the rest of the incidents showed clearly this religious intolerance against the Copts.
Now, the situation is very hard for the Islamic government which proved this religious intolerance with its Islamic prime minister and selecting only one Coptic minister. What happened in Dahshur can be only called a crime. I tell those who claim it’s not: Stop lying, it is forced displacement.