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  • Wednesday ,08 August 2012

Dividing Egypt has Started

Sobhi Foad

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Wednesday ,08 August 2012

Dividing Egypt has Started

It was clear after Mubarak had stepped down that there are internal and external forces that support the Islamists, including Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, to reach power in Egypt as this goes with their own interests.

Yet, as Mohammed Morsy has become president, those forces are very close to achieve their goal.
American administration has supported MB both in secret and public, before and after Mubarak had stepped down, despite the huge differences between each party. Supreme Council of Armed Forces has also supported MB to reach the presidential palace for many reasons, for instance, avoiding a bloody clash or seeking the safety of its members or to keep their privileges. Some people add another reason, which is MB was able to penetrate SCAF and affect its decisions for its own good.
Now, we need to find answers to some questions: How would Morsy repay America for its support for him and his group? Why Morsy has been very concerned about meeting with leaders of Hamas and support them by all means? Why Copts are being prosecuted, attacked, and face forced displacement because of no good reason like a burnt T-shirt? Why Morsy has decided to reduce the number of Coptic ministers in the new government to be one minister despite his promises to the Copts just before the election, although they are more than 25% of the total population in Egypt?
I'm afraid that the answer to those questions and others will uncover the fact which is: the evil plan to divide Egypt has already started since the Islamists have become in power and since the Egyptian borders and crossings with Gaza had been opened to move the Palestinians to Egypt. This plan that led to the forced displacement of a number of the Copts from Upper Egypt in order to change the demographic map of Egypt and to divide it.
Finally, there is no way to save Egypt but through the unity of its people and rejecting extremism, intolerance, hatred which is used by the American administration to the good of the Israelis.