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  • Tuesday ,07 August 2012

Devil’s hurricane and SCAF

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,07 August 2012

Devil’s hurricane and SCAF

Today, Egypt’s facing an unprecedented phase in its modern history and is governed by a very different kind of rulers. However, it’s so weird to have a president that belongs to Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, Dr. Mohammed Morsy is very unique and should be given the title “the first” in many things.

He is the first elected president for Egypt who belongs to MB, and the first president who has escaped from prison. Moreover, he is the first president who broke his oath and doesn’t show respect to the constitution or the law of his country. He is the first president to give amnesty to criminals and terrorists allowing them to stay in Egypt and rip it apart, ignoring the problems of the Copts as well as all sectarian incidents.

Morsy is the first president who is lead by another who is the General Guide of Muslim Brotherhood. He is the first president who is not patriot and works only on establishing an Islamic caliphate and does not work for developing his country as his group claims. Furthermore, he is the first president to work for cutting off electricity all over Egypt.

He is the first president without experiences at any field save the field of metals and the field of propagating Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology. He even appointed a prime minister who has even less experience than himself. There is no end for the negative firsts of the first elected president who was also the first to use electoral bribes and forgery to become president.

After Muslim Brotherhood had seized control over everything in Egypt with the humility of the Egyptians and their Armed Forces, they became nuts and greedy. Their General Guide dared to order the president to give amnesty to many terrorists and criminals, and their great achievement was to persecute the Copts which is expected to intensify after the great terrorists will come back to Egypt.

Nevertheless, MB was greatly surprised and happy by the subservience it received from the leaders of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church. Here, I should say that Christian clergy has to stay away from politics and devote all their time for their priesthood and church services. They can’t play politics and they’ve never studied it. They have to choose one master.

Finally, we need to know who governs Egypt now? Egypt has already changed and same happened to its people. It can tolerate such stupidity no more. Few people are smart enough to understand what what happens. However, the Egyptian Armed Forces and Egyptian Intelligence Services know it very well. So, what are they going to do?