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  • Monday ,06 August 2012

God in Our Life II

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,06 August 2012

God in Our Life II

 Last week in my first part I tried to explain the difference between faith or being faithful to God and your religion and depending on God in our live and passivity or being passive in your life awaiting God's hand to move matters, my feeling was and still I want to be firm I reject being manipulated by others and reject the solution of migrating or leaving my country forced. 

I need to highlight here a change of heart, on 1988 when I decided immigration I was:-
1. Young no expertise and full of hopes for a better future I could not see it being realized in my country.
2. I had private reasons to speed up this decision.
As we live and learn I realized that Egypt was in my blood, living away in a more civilized environment where you can feel as human and that you do live not being driven to a life you do not like or hate, could never wipe out my love to Egypt or erase any memory the happy ones as well the sad ones, and took me years before actually get the courage and nerves to visit Egypt.
In fact it is very frustrating for a young graduate full of hopes for a job to remain years unemployed and a young person (man or woman) who like most of us fall in love with a relative neighbour colleague at school or university or even meet randomly in life and been patient for years to realise a dream to never see it even getting closer; add to that religious oppressions of Muslim Brotherhood who sat on power by force, majority decision, or conspiracies and under the table deals; whatever was the way the simple fact is they rule at the moment, and make sure they arrange the tables around them the way they want.    
I'm not discussing the new ministers or the choices of those ministers it is normal for any ruling party to try to arrange the tables the best way to operate smoothly without problems and that is way in all the world we see 2 or at most 3 parties with different nominations but under one umbrella that is A) Left or some times called communists or workers or labour party, B) Right or Capitalism or any other nominations and in same cases -rare- a neutral party is there that allows principals of Capitalism and Labour but not to the extreme of either. And instantly the winning party becomes the ruling party, the other one becomes the opposition We saw that happening in France years ago when the People of France decided they had enough from Valéry Giscard Distin and his party so they elected Francois  Mitterrand mean time they made sure the assembly general would not assume majority in the members of Francois Mitterrand 's party but the opposition remained to the other party to make sure opposition has different trends than the president and will only pass decisions that benefit from it the whole of France not just R.I.P Mitterrand and his party! 
I realized this last paragraph took me away from the scope of this article but thought adding it to emphasize how real democratic countries operate in the absence of real democracy in Egypt so long it become like a circus and we saw 30 plus persons wanting to become candidates for presidency, and we saw before how many parties announced themselves over night not 2-3 but a 103 may be more what their real goals or principals are only God knows we had seen how Elwafd party changed its skin just for a sit in a constituency and allied with MB once then stood back then who knows and bottom line is I would never trust such a party to represent me!
Back to our main subject that is Egyptians who lost faith in Egypt and its future under MB ruling and decided to immigrate. Few days ago we saw more of religious fights in  a close by city of Giza resulted in a loss of 20,000,000 pounds which participate in the already troubled economy of Egypt, and opens more the 120 houses, and this is classified as pure Christian vis Muslims fight and before we realize what is going on or will happen next we saw another fight and major disturbance in the Nile City hotel could be classified again as religious but I tend to say economic. Then in Beni Suef fight between locals and police, locals of Al Arish city fired bullets on tourist bus resulted in the cancellation of 40 tourist trips and some tourists just cancelled their trip and left the country! And more of economic losses! 
We clearly see there is an agenda to bring down Egyptian Troubled Economy down to Zero, all of the above events that can be classified under different titles lead to one simple fact Egyptian Economy is threatened by whom I do not know and do not want to accuse any one in particular, so I'll pretend there is a conspiracy and this is one of the goals of this conspiracy; are Egyptians going to let go of their country an easy prey and immigrate?
In the political street Egyptian, Arabic, or Worldwide there is a lot of struggle, Syria still a turmoil, Y amen suicide bombers, Truck still fighting Curds. Blood every where and yet lot of unrest in Egypt, a call for a stand-up on the 24th of August, yet other political -useless- parties call for an alternative date, we still can not BE UNITED! Hamden Sabahi the Egyptian political Clown whom you can see standing with MB once then against once and you do not know what he wants, his presence as a candidate cost Gen. Shafik a big loss of voices yet where is he? There are still people believe he could be something and I repeat brothers he is useless and obviously Dr. Baradei will never join forces with such a clown! Each one wants to be the leader yet no one powerful enough to lead or have the absolute majority and Egypt suffers, even the old retired guy Moustafa who had to run a shop to meet month ends with his pension decided after all this frustration to leave the country then we blame young people who want to immigrate, but is this the solution? 
My Egyptian Brother Muslim you are or Christian do you really think you can forget Egypt once you leave the country? Ask me and out of experience I say a big bolt NO Egyptians like Dr. Baradei or Farouk El Baz who lived abroad and were the pride of Egypt with their deeds and loyalty to their country do you think you would be a pride for Egypt? Had you thought of your father, brother, or cousin who defended or died in Sinai on 1973 defending Egypt would be proud of you running away? Moreover this is a real loss of faith in God and his hand in our life, we do not ask God to do a miracle or else we leave the country, are you trying to punish God because he did not do what you hoped or expected to be done?
My Brother God is there, he loves you, protects you and takes care of you you might not feel it at the moment but he was, is and remains there forever and ever Amen, you need to praise him not order him what  to do you need to have faith in him and that he will offer you all the best without even asking because as I said he loves you. 
But just remember you still have to do your homework, you need to stand tall do not let fear in your heart make you accept the big thick rope others try to put around your neck, otherwise if you accept this rope never ever complain when people pull you from it and try to place you where they want, you are a citizen with equal right humans with same right in this word and have to be respected defend yourself to death we are all in transit in this word and I wish I die today so I see and meet my creator so if God is with me within me inside me I have no fear from tomorrow!
God Bless Egypt and all Egyptians