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  • Friday ,03 August 2012

Forced Displacement of the Copts?

Gergis Wahib

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Friday ,03 August 2012

Forced Displacement of the Copts?

Yesterday, there was another attempt to break into a church, after demolishing the church of Atfih, burning the church of Embaba, demolishing the church of al-Marinab in Aswan. This time the story happens in St. George church in al-Badrasheen village, Giza, in addition to burning and looting the properties of the Copts. Losses are estimated at more than 3 million EGP, not to mention the horror and panic that children of the Copts have experienced since the beginning of the incident. I can call it: organized forced displacement for the Egyptian Christians, which targets forcing them to leave Egypt and travel to other countries. 

Since the revolution of January 25, Copts have suffered a lot by people who are planning to get them out of their country through forced displacement. I wonder: why 500 Copts should be punished for a mistake of another Coptic man, and what a church has to do with this to be demolished? Why none of the Muslims was arrested? I believe this can only be planned incidents.
Dr. Mohammed Morsy has to take an action and punish all criminals. Will he just ignore these incidents as if nothing had happened!
I say to those who support such mean incidents: Copts have great history, and will never leave Egypt, the land of their fathers. Moreover, Christians will not be that patient forever and such crimes need to be stopped now!