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  • Thursday ,02 August 2012

MB and Egyptian identity

D. Aida Nassif

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Thursday ,02 August 2012

MB and Egyptian identity

 Nowadays, people in Egypt are worried about the life of a young man more than the future of all Egyptians; I mean death of the young man of Dahshur, and the constitution that MB is trying to use to blur the Egyptian identity. Actually, I was hoping that several demonstrations are going to be held to support a civil state in Egypt. 

However, upon reading a publication distributed on the first day of Ramadan, which calls MB members to contact with the community aiming at changing its traditions and boycott all clubs and organizations that oppose the Islamic project, I found out that they are trying to blur the Egyptian identity and convince all people that MB are the real Muslims, and there was no Islam in Egypt before them! 
We have to unite in order to protect Egypt and its customs and traditions as well as its identity. 
During the revolution, many young people have been killed for the sake of democracy, justice and dignity. However, all we can find now is a conflict between the religious state and the civil one. 
We can’t find democracy now in Egypt, but rather an American hegemony with the assistance of MB.
Justice is vanishing in Egypt and was replaced by an initiative to clean the streets, which really gives the impression that the revolution was made only to clean Egypt, and not to solve the problems of corruption and the Egyptian citizen.
None of the young people of the revolution could reach anything in power. Nothing in Egypt has changed to a better condition, the revolution has been stolen, and the Islamists have become the new tyrants. I hope this bad condition will produce something good. Moreover, we should do our best in order to save Egypt and its identity.
Descartes says: “I think, therefore I exist” and I say with the revolutionists: “We exist as long as we revolt and object to protect Egypt”. Throughout our history, Egyptians did their job and no one could eliminate them. True Egyptians should unite to save their homeland despite the attempts of all betrayals.