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  • Monday ,30 July 2012

God in our Life...

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,30 July 2012

God in our Life...
Lot of people specially Christians in Egypt who are not happy of the political view in Egypt, did not accept the results of the elections -real or fake- and keep praying for Egypt awaiting for the Holy Ghost to come remove the MB from Egypt!    
Egyptians good at patience, mocking jocks, caricatures expressing their feeling and nothing more! When MB thugs beet a lawyer because he defended a cause not on their best interests, or they attacked and tear up the clothes of a liberal or someone calling for Egypt to remain Egypt not be turned into a big MB hide out for Hamas, Hezb Alla or Kaeda and other terrorist gangs who try to make   from Egypt any thing else but remain Egypt!   
I do not know I love God and saw his blessed hand a lot in my life, but this is a private matter not here to   discuss it, and know and believe in what is said -DO NOT TEST GOD- it was said By Jesus in the mountain when Satan tried to tempt Jesus jump off the Mountain telling him: Your Father will send Angels deposit you softly on the ground you will not be hurt! Jesus said : Do Not Test Your   mighty God!   
I know as well it was said : If you do have Faith you can move mountains! But you should not fall into the attempts of SATAN that tries to make you believe you do not have enough faith to move a piece of paper away without using your hands!    
Another thing   disturbs my thoughts that is I do not want people to think I call for a fight or encouraging a civil war between Egyptians and MB specially that I know Egyptians are not Thugs neither had military training on terrorism like MB! And any confrontation that does not lead to an absolute victory will   NAIL the final nail in the Egyptian coffin!    
Two days ago   About Hamed ex-parliamentarian member called for Egyptians to stand by the MB building in Mokatam, hopping the    MB will call his   Thugs from around the country to protect themselves!   
I like   the idea but as I said Egyptians are not Thugs, neither had any   military training like MB at best estimated some men who did their military service got some training but not as much as the training offered in terrorism camps of Afghanistan or Pakistan you name it!   
In conclusion I say we are in a dangerous slop we need God's help and we have to pray, but do not be like the student who spends his time praying and awaiting for God's hand to answer his exams as he did spend all his time praying and he did not had time to STUDY!   
It is good to pray and God said it he feeds the birds of the sky he will FEED YOU so no need to go to WORK, GOD WILL FEED YOU!   
Just let me re-iterate this we need God in our life we need to pray for his attention we need to thank him for his gifts to us, we need God in all our life, but as well   we do have a little homework to do so do your homework and let what is for   caesar to caesar and what is for God to God....   
God Bless Egypt and Egyptians